What are the best electric radiators for my home?

Best electric radiatorsVariety is the spice of life. We all prefer to be given a choice on just about everything – but if you don’t know what you are looking for, a range of choices can be less helpful and more confusing. You may feel this way about shopping for new electric heaters. It can be difficult to know where to begin in a world with a huge selection of different radiators, some for general heating and others designed for very specific purposes. That’s where we’re here to help, bringing you regular buying guides to help you navigate the market and find the best electric heater for your home. Today we’ll focus on finding the best electric radiator for whole home heating.


We do our best to ensure that our website is clear, easy to navigate and unambiguous, but we realize that shopping for new technology is never a straightforward task. Whether it’s a new mobile phone, a new dishwasher or a new electric radiator, the technology advances so fast it can be difficult to stay abreast of which models are most effective, reliable and economical. This problem can be exacerbated when choosing electric radiators by the sheer range of choice offered from seemingly identical products. Today we’ll rid you of some of that confusion as we talk in detail about what we regard as the best electric radiator for home heating: the RC Wave designer radiator.


Designed by Haverland – a true giant in the electric heating industry - the RC Wave is our ‘best seller’ for a reason. Its contemporary and slimline design makes it an attractive addition to any interior design style as it easily matches modern, traditional and vintage styles. Ultra slimline at 7.5cm deep, it takes up minimal space in your living area, thus it’s ideal for rooms where space is at a premium. It will quietly and discreetly deliver heat from any part of your room. With a built-in highly accurate thermostat and a useful timer, you’ll be able to successfully reduce energy consumption in your home. The thermostat maintains your desired comfort temperature by switching the radiator on and off, meaning that your heating is switched on only for a fraction of the time. In the meantime, the timer allows you to set up a precise 24/7 heating schedule, meaning that you can set your radiator to turn on and off at different times of the day and week. For example, you can set your RC Wave to turn on in the morning before you wake up, ensuring that your house is already warm by the time you get out of your bed. For even easier control, there is an optional remote controller available with the RC Wave, so you can do all of the programming from the comfort of your bed or favourite armchair! It is available in five different sizes, with an optional set of feet for free-standing installation and easy re-positioning.


Whether you’re new to electric heating or a connoisseur of electric radiators, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our RC Wave designer electric radiator. Purchase the best electric radiator for your home today and enjoy the comfort of electric heating for years to come!


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