Wall-Mounted Heaters - Why they're a great choice for your household

Haverland InerziaEvery single aspect of design within your household is important. It can also often be said that it’s the little things that matter most. Whether it’s the colour of your skirting-boards, the height of your chairs or the size of your coffee table, everything tends to be of equal importance when it comes to the décor of your home environment. After all, it will be you and only you who will have to face the regret of selecting a cheap sub-standard panel heater as opposed to a trusty and energy-efficient Haverland SmartWave, for example.


On that note, making a decision about the fitting of your heating appliances can be just as key as selecting your heating appliance in the first place. Wall-mounting is an effective way of fitting your household radiators and by the end of this blogpost you will possess a thorough understanding of why this is and whether it’s the best choice for your home.


The Benefits of Wall-Mounting

There are a huge number of benefits of wall-mounting your heating products. Here’s a few:


 Cointra ApoloCost & Time Effectiveness

Cost and time are two of the main factors that play on homeowners’ minds when dealing with interiors. Everyone wants their home to have what it needs in the shortest amount of time possible. By choosing to get one of our electric radiators or panel heaters wall-mounted, you make a cost-effective, time-saving decision. Our radiators provide a superb, efficient standard of heating to your household and save costs through their controllable features and easy installation. You won’t have to worry about wasting energy and funds for the sake of heating one room, as is the case with traditional central heating, and you can forget about having to shell out for a pricey technician. Plus, everyone loves a bit of DIY - feel the pride of being able to say you took a hands-on approach to your household design!




Attractive Aesthetic

It can be said that the reason why wall-mounting is favourable is simply because it looks good. Having your radiators mounted on the wall gives your household a cleaner, more organised look by conveying that everything is where it is meant to be. This also frees up floor space and prevents trip hazards.


No On-Going Maintenance Needed

Our heaters, unlike alternatives such as central heating, do not need on-going care such as annual servicing or pressure adjusting. You’ll never need to bleed an electric heater! There’s therefore no need to worry about on-going costs or let-downs from or products as they have no moving parts and come with a lengthy guarantee. There’s also a lifetime warranty on their bodies.


Innovative Features

Our heaters are manufactured with top of the range, innovative technological features to make customers’ experiences with our products as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our radiators have features such as extremely precise thermostats, 24/7 programming options, remote controls and WiFi controls. With our products, heating your household no longer has to be a headache.


Our Wall-Mounted Products

Wall-Mounted Electric Radiators

Electric radiators heat rooms via a combination of radiation and convection heating. As the radiator heats up, both its surface and the inside of the radiator become hot. Air circulating around the room will pass through the radiator and warm up. As this warm air rises, the colder air will sink to the bottom of the room and pass through the radiator, where it is heated up. Before long, the room will be full of warm air, raising the temperature of the room and passing the heat on to its occupants. This process is called convection heating. At the same time, the warm surface of the radiator will push heat out into the room, warming people, objects and surfaces directly. This process is called heat radiation. The combination of radiation and convection makes radiators very effective room heaters, because the heat lost through draughts is balanced by the directly absorbed radiant heat.

Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we stock an ample amount of electric heaters that could easily rectify any heating woes you and your family may have. From the stylish Haverland Designer RC Wave, to the budget-pleasing Cointra Apolo, you’re sure to find your perfect wall-mounted radiator here. Here’s a few from our range:


The Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiator

Haverland Designer RC Wave

This slimline digital electric radiator comes equipped with the latest dry thermal technology, a high precision electronic thermostat and fully programmable heating control. This radiator is extremely energy-efficient, with the precision thermostat being accurate to within half a degree, the radiator therefore switches on or off to maintain a comfortable temperature for your home. It is also fully programmable and enables you to create a 7-day heating schedule to suit you and your family’s lifestyle.





Cointra Apolo


The Cointra Apolo


This electric radiator is both cost-effective and efficient with its highly accurate thermostat, 24/7 digital programming and fast heat distribution due to its thermal liquid technology. The Cointra Apolo is our most affordable option, providing both value and quality to customers on a budget.



Haverland SmartWave Self-Learning Electric Radiator

Haverland SmartWave

This highly efficient radiator features innovative and intelligent “smart” technologies which monitor your household activities in order to create a working model of your weekly routine. The radiator will also turn on whenever it senses movement and can be controlled via WiFi with your mobile, tablet or computer should you choose to purchase it alongside a Haverland Smartbox.







Wall-Mounted Panel Heaters

Panel heaters work through heating the cool air that passes through them and making it rise, creating a convection heating cycle. Eventually, all of the room’s air volume will be will be heated, thus creating and sustaining a constant temperature.

Like the sound of this? Here’s a few of our products:


Haverland Lodel Electric Panel Heater Radiator

Haverland Lodel

This “next generation” wall panel heater features a quality thermostat, 24/7 programming options and an easy-to-use remote control, providing a means for you to reduce energy consumption within your household and lower your bills as a result. This heater is most effective in offices, spare rooms and studies and heats rooms fast through the process of convection.






Elnur PHMT Panel Heater

Elnur Radiator

The Elnur is a slimline heater that uses convection to heat rooms quickly and powerfully. It’s fully controllable and features a built-in thermostat and a 24-hour analogue timer. The Elnur is ideal for rooms with limited space due to its slim, discrete build.








All in all, wall-mounted heaters can be a great addition to any household. They’re both aesthetically pleasing and efficient, what more could you ask for? If you now feel that your home could benefit from installing one of our wall-mounted heaters, which is more than likely to be the case, take a look at our products, you’re sure to find the right one for you.