Vertical Wall-Mounted Electric Radiators: Introducing the VeeSmart

Black VeeSmartWith the twilight creeping closer and with crunchy leaves underfoot, autumn’s unwelcome chill is truly in the air. A forgotten warmth stirs in the Electric Radiators Direct office, as our heaters wake from their summer slumber and, joining every other radiator in the UK, prepare for another season of near-constant use. Despite the on-coming cold, keeping warm this autumn doesn’t need to be an arduous affair. Throw down your radiator-keys, forgo bleeding your entire system from room-to-room, and embrace the Ecostrad VeeSmart, our newest and most luxurious wall-mountable electric radiator. This blog will explore the designer VeeSmart in more detail, take a look at the in-vogue vertical wall-mounting trend, and refresh our minds to the benefits of wall-mounting in general. With only a few more weeks until the definitive end of summer, consider this an amber alert for getting your heating up to scratch before the frost fully sets in!

The VeeSmart

Possibly our most attractive wall-mounted electric radiator, the Ecostrad VeeSmart is an aesthetic choice as much as a practical one. In a world of conventional and plain radiator designs, the VeeSmart is a refreshing wake-up-call - exuding 21st century style and reflecting the recent trend for industrial-inspired interior design. With its imposing bar structure and flat, soft-edged struts, the VeeSmart boasts an eye-catching steel framework that won’t go unnoticed, wherever it’s placed. For statement heating, nothing comes close!   

Available in two distinct colours, the VeeSmart can be purchased in a striking slate black or crisp arctic white. Complementing any interior, these ‘on-trend’ colours breathe life into tired rooms and can rejuvenate a household still reeling from the loss of summer. If you’re someone who appreciates a well thought-out and coordinated living space, then the VeeSmart is the ideal choice for you. Stylish, well-built, and highly-modern, the VeeSmart is the ultimate autumnal upgrade - surpassing the obligatory chipped paintwork of conventional central heating systems and bringing your home bang up-to-date.

The VeeSmart has one final trick up its sleeve that’s sure to excite any interior design aficionado. The VeeSmart comes in two orientations, horizontal or vertical, transforming itself from a run-of-the-mill floor-level radiator into a dramatic, perpendicular centrepiece.  A great space-saving option, vertical installation explores a new landscape of radiator placement for the modern home - decluttering floorspace and effortlessly combining heat, style, and practicality.    

White Veesmart in lounge

The Vertical Trend

For a few months now, we’ve noticed a trend in vertical radiators (think towel rails but without the towels). This new trend has swept through the radiator world and left everyone baffled as they contemplate which orientation is best for their radiators. With no difference in the heating effect of a vertical or horizonal radiator, the choice is purely aesthetic. Either way, choosing to go vertical can open up a whole new area of your home and can create a monolith-like focal point in an otherwise normal room.

For those of you wanting a slice of this new trend, the VeeSmart doesn’t disappoint and, providing you purchase the correct orientation, can be installed vertically. Going vertical is a handy space-saving method if you’re living in a non-standard or restricted space. Perhaps all four sides of your room are taken up with furniture? Or, you simply don’t have enough space along the length of your walls to install the radiator you want? Whatever your layout woes, vertical installation bypasses the need for huge floorspace and makes use of, often underused, wall-space. With a vertical electric radiator, you can enjoy toasty autumn evenings without sacrificing furniture or rejigging your belongings. Whilst ordinary radiators become part of the furniture, and are often overlooked, a vertical radiator is a bold interior design statement. Nobody is going to walk past a vertical electric radiator and not notice, especially if it’s a volcanic-black VeeSmart with a slight metallic finish. Vertical assembly is a sure-fire way to get your VeeSmarts noticed, as electric radiators move away from being considered a soulless utility and towards being part of a home’s wider interior design scheme.  

Vertical is no different from horizontal in terms of wall-mounting practicality. If you’re considering vertical installation, all you need is a space that’s big enough to hang your VeeSmart on the wall. Unfortunately, installing a VeeSmart isn’t a DIY job. A professional electrician will need to hardwire your VeeSmart into the wall and, for this reason, it doesn’t come fitted with a plug. Due to its robust construction, the VeeSmart is also quite heavy and will require two people for installation: it is definitely not a one-man job. Aside from this, vertical installation is pretty much the same as horizontal installation and shouldn’t take any extra time or consideration. For an impressive and unique angle for home heating this autumn, purchasing a vertically oriented VeeSmart is essential.                                                                         

Why Wall Mount?

Horizontal VeeSmartWall-mounting is the preferred method of radiator installation across both electric and plumbed heating systems. Almost ubiquitous, wall-mounting provides a safe place where your radiator can remain for the duration of its lifetime. With plumbed heating systems, wall-mounting is definitive. The radiator needs to remain close to the existing plumbing else the teeth-clenching task of rerouting, reflooring, and refitting occurs. With electric radiators, however, this isn’t the case. Installing and mounting is as easy as drilling a few holes for the hanging brackets and finding the nearest plug. Even if there isn’t a plug, as in the case of the VeeSmart, having an electrician hardwire your radiator into the wall is considerably less hassle than having a plumber rip up your floorboards and reroute pipework.

Whilst some less expensive electric heaters can be purchased with feet for a freestanding option, wall-mounting provides a sleek and minimalist way of installing your radiator so that it’s displayed with as much care as possible. For vertical installation, wall-mounted electric radiators are your only option – enabling you to integrate your radiator within the very fabric of the household itself. This integrated approach is a favourite for those of us who appreciate clean lines and clutter-less aesthetics – making it an ideal option for a VeeSmart.

Hanging a radiator onto the wall is the common-sense installation method. It should be a simple and hassle-free way to ensure your heaters stay where you want them. If you’re tired of the constraints that plumbing imposes on your choice of radiator and where it can go, now’s the time to break free and consider the electric alternatives. For autumn, all of us here at Electric Radiators Direct would highly recommend the bold, brave, and effortlessly stylish Ecostrad VeeSmart.  

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