Towel Radiators: Dry Thermal or Thermal Fluid?

Towel Radiators: Dry Thermal Or Thermal Fluid?You can read pages and pages of articles dedicated to heated towel rails, however, the ‘technical’ details are often missed out. Last week we brought you an article on IP ratings – a tech spec that you’ll always spot in product description without necessarily understanding it’s function - but very few people actually know what they are. Today we are touching upon a similar subject that probably creates confusion amongst some of our customers: what is the difference between dry thermal heating technology and thermal fluid heating technology. 

Chrome Ladder Towel RailsCan an electric towel rail heat my bathroom?

The name ‘heated towel rails’ is quite ambiguous. Judging by the name alone, you’d figure that their only task is to keep your beloved towels warm and cosy. However, more than an accessory they are in fact bathroom heaters able to heat the whole room. So what’s the deal? Do towel rails heat towels, rooms, or does it depend on the model? 

The devil is in the detail. While there is no denying that the primary role of heated towel rails is to keep your towels warm, to decide whether they are better suited to be used as a source of heat for the whole bathroom, you’ll have to look at the heating technology they use. Here at Electric Radiators Direct our towel rail heaters use two types of heating: dry thermal and fluid.

What are the benefits of a dry thermal towel rail?

Let’s begin by explaining what the dry thermal technology is. This type of heating is used in many electric radiators in the electric heating industry, and it is one of the most advanced. It has a number of advantages over traditional fluid filled radiators, most noticeably, it cannot leak. It provides fast, consistent and efficient heat that can be easily controlled by the electric components of your heater, in this case, a towel radiator. It is a great heating solution if your priority is to keep your towels warm and cosy, however, dry thermal heaters are less efficient than fluid thermal heaters in keeping your whole bathroom heated.

What are the benefits of an oil-filled heated towel rail?

Designer Electric Towel RailsThe other technology is known as thermal fluid heating. It is quite common for people to believe that electric heaters and radiators using this form of heating use plumbing or pipes. However, just like any other electric heater on our website, the liquid element is entirely contained within the radiator body, or in this case, the heated towel rail. As your towel radiator heats up, so does the specially formulated liquid within: it is evenly spread throughout the radiator body to ensure an even spread of heat around the room. This is because the thermal oils used in this type of heating retain heat very efficiently, therefore your electric heater doesn’t have to work hard in order to maintain your desired temperature. When it comes to heated towel rails, this heating technology is efficient in keeping both your towels and your bathroom thoroughly warmed and cosy.

Hopefully from now on, making the right choice when shopping for a new heated towel rail will be super easy. Visit our store if you think that your bathroom could benefit from one of our electric towel radiators, or give our expert team a ring at 0330 300 444 and they will be happy to advise you on the best heating solution for your bathroom!

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