Top Tips For A Beautiful Bathroom: Make It Unique

Beautiful BathroomsYour bathroom: the first room you visit in the morning, the last room you see before you go to bed. Oasis of cleanliness and calm, temple of relaxation and rumination, sanctuary of indulgence and imagination... It’s the all-important space that gets us ready for the day ahead, and sees us safely off to sleep. As one of the most important and frequently visited rooms in the home, more and more people are appreciating the impact of bathroom aesthetics. Whether you like your interiors sleek and contemporary, minimalistic and calm or whacky and energetic, a bathroom space that looks beautiful and reflects your personality can make those daily visits that bit more special. You might think that there aren’t many ways you can customise a bathroom – but you’d be wrong. Here are our top ten ways to make your bathroom totally unique:


1 – Wonderful Walls

There are endless ways you can decorate your bathroom walls: you can paint them, tile them or use a combination of the two. These days bathroom tiles are available in endless styles, so there’s something for every taste. You could paint the bathroom in a tasteful lilac with floral tiles for a traditional look. You could go for metallic tiles and a moody blue paint for a super-sleek contemporary look. Or you could decorate your walls with a huge tile mural – an underwater aquarium scene, perhaps – for a playful design scheme that will keep your kids happy.


2 – Fantastic Floors

Tiles, carpets, boards or linoleum – your choice of flooring can entirely change the character of your bathroom. Tiles are a great choice for a smart and shiny contemporary bathroom – but be careful when wet! Carpets give that extra edge of comfort but can become soggy when you step out of the bath with wet feet. Bare wooden boards always look sophisticated, whether used in traditional or contemporary design schemes. Linoleum tiles are easy to fit, grippy, and available with a whole range of designs – plenty of scope to indulge your creativity.


3 – Fabulous Fittings

A toilet is a toilet, a bath is a bath, a sink is a sink – right? Not anymore! Today’s designer bathroom market is overflowing – no pun intended – with stylish bathroom fittings. Some of the wackiest possibilities include freestanding sinks set into rocks, wall suspended bathtubs crafted to look like hammocks and designer toilets with customisable seats.


4 – Terrific Towels

Towels can bring more to your bathroom that just the ability to get dry. They add a splash of colour, a touch of class, a hint of sophistication. The savvy home improvement guru can give their bathroom a makeover simply by choosing the right towels. How about deep brown towels for a bathroom styled in earthy, tribal tones? Or black and white towels for the retro monochrome bathroom? Or towels in every colour of the rainbow for a zany family-friendly aesthetic?


5 – A Tremendous Towel Rail

Where better to display your towel rails than an energy efficient designer towel rail? A heated electric towel rail not only keeps your bathroom warm – it will make your towels cosy and fluffy whenever you need them. For a contemporary classic, how about our best-selling Ecostrad Towel Rail? With traditional ladder design and smart white enamel finish, the Ecostrad looks at home in both modern and period properties. For more elaborate interiors, why not select an electric heater from our designer towel rail range? From elegant designs with multiple slimline bars to compact plasma-style towel rails with monochrome safety glass, you’ll find a towel rail for every bathroom at Electric Radiators Direct.


6 – A Sensational Shower Divide

There are many options when it comes to that all important device which prevents shower water spilling into the rest of the bathrooms. A conventional transparent shower door is a popular option in many bathrooms – a contemporary option which looks sophisticated if the door is kept clean. A jazzy shower curtain is always a fun option which allows you to inject a little personality into the room. For the ultimate in contemporary bathroom design, a walk-in open-plan shower represents the height of desirable bathroom style.


7 – Lovely Lights

You may not pay much attention to it when you’re washing and cleaning, but lighting makes a huge impact on the ambience of your bathroom. Today there are so many unique ways to light your bathroom. How about glamorous LEDs set over the bathroom mirror like an actor’s dressing room? Or coloured bulbs for a groovy psychedelic experience? Or an overhead lamp with a built-in dimmer so you can get the mood just right for that romantic bath together?


8 – A Marvellous Mirror

No bathroom is complete without a luxury looking-glass to admire yourself with – or, at least, to help you tackle those bad hair days. There are many beautiful mirrors in a range of styles to be found in the home furnishings market. But each of these mirrors comes with the same problem – as soon as you use hot water for any length of time, your mirror will fog up. A solution to this problem comes in the shape of our Herschel mirror infrared heating panels. Indistinguishable from conventional bathroom mirrors, Herschel mirror panels give off energy efficient radiant heat which keeps the whole bathroom warm and keeps the mirror surface clear.


9 – Wondrous Windows

Bathroom windows need to maintain your dignity – and preserve the innocence of your unsuspecting neighbours! The traditional way to do this is with frosted glass – and with frosted glass available in many different patterns, it’s never been easier to complement your interior design scheme. Another option, which will really make your bathroom unique, is to use stained glass – a sure fire way to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.


10 – Delightful Decorations

Wall art, ornaments and hanging decorations can add the perfect finishing touch to a designer bathroom. Whether it’s a scented candle for a relaxing bath, a colourful mobile that catches the light or a beautiful framed photograph, bathroom art combines style with personality. With new infrared panel technology, you can go one step further and combine style and personality with energy efficient heating. Infrared picture panels can be customised with an image of your choice, providing luxurious bathroom heating from a water-resistant work of art.


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