The Modern Oil Filled Radiator: Thermal Fluid Technology

Buying a radiator is not a simple task. There are so many factors to consider: What size do I need?  Which make and model is best suited to my lifestyle and home? Are some technologies better than others? Whether you are looking for an entire electric radiator system, or a single standalone radiator to give that extra bit of warmth on a cold day, here is a summary of the latest oil filled radiator technology, and how it could work for you.

How Do They Work?

Haverland Designer TT Electric Radiators

The oil filled radiator is not a new concept. Oil burners have been regularly used since the beginning of the 20th century, but oil-based heating methods have developed significantly since then. We have replaced the traditional oil used in radiators with the newest thermal fluid technology, for optimum heat retention and efficiency.

It is often incorrectly assumed that thermal fluid radiators require plumbing or pipes, and therefore can be very expensive to install. In truth, the fluid element is entirely contained within the body of the radiator, and the product can be DIY installed and plugged into a wall socket just the same as all of our other electric heating products.

Another common misconception is that the oil inside the radiator needs replacing regularly. In fact, you never have to do so, as the oil is not burnt to produce heat; it merely acts as a buffer in which to absorb and re-emit the heat. When you turn on your radiator, electricity is passed to a resistor inside the heater, which converts the electricity to heat. This heat is then absorbed by the thermal fluid inside the radiator body, and the oil begins to circulate, spreading heat evenly throughout the radiator cavity. This oil then shares its heat with the metal body of the radiator, which is why the radiator feels warm to touch. This warmed metal then begins to heat a room through a combination of convection and radiation methods. For more information on these different heating methods, click here.

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Our thermal fluid radiators are in fact a lot safer than many other products on the market. As the fluids are entirely enclosed within the radiator, there are no exposed heated parts, eliminating a burn risk and making them safer than cheaper types of electric heater such as fan heaters and panel heaters. This makes them ideal for households with children, pets, and vulnerable people. What’s more, as all the thermal elements are confined, you don’t have to worry about wall blackening, as this is caused by dust burning as it comes into contact with unexposed heated elements.

Eco Friendly

Oil filled electric radiators make a perfect choice if you are conscious about your environmental impact. The highly accurate thermostat that comes with our products enables you to control the temperature of your rooms to a high level of accuracy, meaning the radiator can turn on and off very quickly to maintain an even temperature. As these radiators have such efficient heat retention, they have to work less hard in response to external temperature changes, helping save energy and reduce your energy bills. Fully programmable controls, such as those included with our Haverland Designer TT Electric Radiator, mean that you can customise your heating schedule, so that you are never heating a room when it is not in use.

Oil Filled vs Dry Thermal Elements

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators

While very effective and economical, electric radiators using thermal fluids are far from the only technologies available in this day. You may have heard of the term ‘dry thermal elements’, but what does this really mean? Many of the radiators in our range come fitted with dry thermal elements, like the RC Wave pictured. These radiators have no moving parts, meaning there is absolutely no chance of a leak, and, like our oil filled electric radiators, are very silent as they do not require a fan to distribute heat. The warm up time of these radiators is fast, and the combination of convection and radiation means you will feel the heat from your radiator faster than you would from a convection heater alone. However, these electric radiators have different uses to their oil filled counterparts. Dry thermal radiators are marginally faster to heat up and cool down than oil radiators, so you may prefer a dry thermal radiator in rooms where your heating needs vary, and an oil filled radiator in large or draughty rooms that need a constant heat supply.

Best Use

Oil filled electric radiators are ideal for medium to large rooms that see regular use. Although taking slightly longer to heat up than our other electric radiators that contain different thermal elements, thermal fluid technology allows radiators to maintain a far more constant temperature than other products. Additionally, as the oil fills the entire cavity of the radiator body, the surface of the radiator has a far more even temperature, and therefore heat radiation is also distributed more evenly.  

Ecostrad Fina-E Electric Towel Rails

Oil filled radiators also make an excellent choice for conservatories, as these rooms experience rapid heat loss. The fluid in our radiators has excellent heat retention, meaning, when there is a temperature change, for example as a result of draughts, the radiator has to work less hard to maintain your chosen air temperature, therefore saving energy and reducing your heating bills.  Our Haverland Conservatory Electric Radiators are an ideal choice for your home; at a mere 38cm tall and 8.5cm deep they are perfect for dwarf walls, and will not intrude into the room, leaving precious space for your relaxation.

Thermal fluid radiators also make a great choice for your bathroom. The Ecostrad Fina-E Electric Towel Rails are complete with the latest technologies to maximise heating efficiency. The constant surface temperature means your towels will be perfectly toasty no matter where you hang them, and your bathroom will always be invitingly warm when you step out of the shower.

Our products are low hassle and require little to no maintenance. In fact, they are so reliable that many of them come with a 10 year manufacturers warrantee on the radiator body, giving you total peace of mind. For any more information regarding our products, visit our information pages or contact our helpful sales team. 

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