Slimline Electric Heaters – The Slimmest Choices For Your Home

The Slimmest Electric HeatersThere’s more to life than being slim. It’s great to be healthy, but when dieting and unforgiving exercise programmes get in the way of enjoying life, you know something’s going wrong. Unfortunately, if you’re a radiator, we’re all much less easy going on the depth of the heating products we’ll tolerate in our homes. We value the space in our homes and don’t want it taken up by bulky heaters that obtrude far into the room. Because of that, today’s heating manufacturers work hard to make sure that the technology they develop is slimline as well as efficient. What you may not realise is that it’s not just top-of-the range designer heating products which are slimline. At Electric Radiators Direct we sell a wide range of heating products for rooms throughout the home, and each of our ranges features slimline heaters that will help you out when space is at a premium…

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiator


Most Slimline Electric Radiators

Our designer electric radiator range combines contemporary style with uncompromising energy efficiency. The RC Wave, our best-selling radiator range, is our slimmest electric radiator at a depth of only 7.4cms. This makes the RC Wave ideal for cramped sitting rooms, corridors, kitchens and narrow dining rooms – as well as any room in which you wish to maximise space potential. The curvy contemporary design makes the radiators an ideal choice for homes with young kids, vulnerable adults or people with mobility problems because there are no sharp edges on which to fall.



Elnur SH12A Automatic Storage Heater - 1.7kw

Most Slimline Storage Heaters

Storage heaters have declined in popularity over the decades, with the advent of more sophisticated electric heating technology developments. However, for those people who are used to or prefer the lifestyle storage heaters bring, we sell a range of more efficient modern storage heaters – the slimmest of which will only intrude 15cms into your room. Our range of Elnur SH Automatic Storage Heaters are not only discreet – they also come equipped with an automatic charge controller which brings storage heaters into the 21st century with increased control and energy efficiency.



Herschel Select Infrared Heating Panel - White 350w (595 x 595mm)

Slimline Infrared Panel Heaters 

We’re proud of our slimline electric radiators, but if space saving is your priority, you really can’t do better than an infrared panel heater. Our range of Herschel panel heaters use the latest technology to generate energy efficient infrared heat from 2.5cm deep heating panels. The slimness of the panels is just the start of the ways infrared panels can help you save space. Infrared panels can be disguised as a mirror, or a picture of your choice – combining efficient room heating with decoration. You could even mount the panels on the ceiling, keeping your walls and floors totally free.



Most Slimline Conservatory Heaters

Haverland RC13BL Conservatory Electric Radiator - 1500w

Space is almost always at a premium in conservatories. That’s why we recommend our Haverland RC13B Conservatory Radiators: only 8cms deep and just 38cms tall, Haverland Conservatory Radiators fit snugly in conservatory dwarf walls and leave plenty of room for the rest of your conservatory furniture. Energy efficient thermal fluid technology also ensures that the conservatory is kept cosy all year round – a discrete and economical choice for conservatory heating.


Ecostrad Magnum Heated Electric Towel Rail - Black 400W (480 x 840mm)

Slimmest Heated Towel Rails

Slimline heating products are more than practical – they’re often the most stylish too! This is certainly the case with the Ecostrad Magnum. With a depth of only 14cms, the Magnum is one our slimmest and most elegant towel rails, with a beautiful glass design and a minimalist dappeal. Using a towel rail is a great way to save space in your bathroom because it combines your heat source with another essential piece of bathroom furniture – keeping your bathroom cosy and your towels warm and fluffy.



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