Revamping Homes with Designer Electric Radiators

Designer electric radiator on wall

The new year is all about embracing change and where better to start than with our homes. It’s the perfect time to sweep away the aftermath of the festive season and bring in a fresh, exciting vibrancy into living spaces. At this time of year, we galvanise ourselves into action to ditch the clutter, streamline our interiors and undertake a deep clean into every nook and cranny but some go one step further and renovate their rooms into the picture-perfect interiors they’ve always dreamed about. A lick of paint here and a throw cushion there can work wonders when transforming the look of a room but a feature that often goes ignored is our heating. If you find that your radiators aren’t working with your design scheme, the good news is you don’t have to be stuck with what you’ve got – designer electric radiators come in a range of designs that complement any style and offer smart control to match. If you’re considering upgrading this January, here’s all the reasons why you should opt for a designer electric radiator.

Elegant aesthetics on a budget

Ecostrad Allora Designer Electric RadiatorThe word ‘designer’ might by synonymous with a hefty price tag for some but that’s certainly not the case with most of the products in our collection. We offer a selection of electric radiators with chic aesthetics to suit all budgets so even if your finances are a little tight after Christmas, you’ll find plenty of affordable options. Take the Ecostrad Allora and Ascoli, for instance, which are new to our range. These super slimline electric radiators start at £243.99 and £239.99 respectively and bring a dash of minimalist sophistication into any room. The Allora is a superb choice if you want a modern take on the classic column radiator design. These elegant electric radiators have curved oval bars for a softer look that can either blend into just about any design scheme, enhancing the looks of living rooms, bathrooms or anywhere else that needs an extra visual lift. For a bolder look, the Ascoli’s flat-panel design won’t fail to make a striking centrepiece. Its clean lines and crisp finish are a must for any homes wanting to create that ultra-modern feel. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg – we offer a host of low-cost designer solutions so feel free to browse our range to find the ideal finishing touch to your project.

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Smart heating control for increased efficiency

Haverland SmartWave electric radiatorVisuals aside, another great reason to upgrade your heating is for the smart control that many designer electric radiators offer. Whether it’s via Bluetooth, WiFi or voice control, you’ll find that smart heaters are easier and more convenient to use than their manual counterparts and are superb if you’re looking to streamline your energy usage. Smart electric radiators that use heating apps make programming much more intuitive and usually provide access to extra features, like energy-usage statistics, to help you slimline your running costs. You can use Bluetooth compatible heaters to program your heating from your phone so it acts as a central point of control while you’re at home, or if you want to be able to control your heating from anywhere in the world, you can opt for WiFi compatible electric radiators for total peace of mind wherever you are. WiFi control lets you respond quickly to any changes in your routine, giving you infinite scope to slim down your energy usage. For example, if you’re away from home longer than you expect, you can turn down your heating to make sure your radiators aren’t wasting heat as they warm an empty house. Or, if you’ve renovated a rental property and you know it won’t be used over a period of time, you can take control of the heating remotely and set it to a low level until it’s needed again. One of our most popular smart designer electric radiators is the Haverland SmartWave, which comes with self-programming technology and optional WiFi and Alexa voice control when purchased with its SmartBox accessory.

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Vertical electric radiators for statement heating

Ecostrad Ecowärme Vertical Electric RadiatorIn rooms that need a focal point, vertical electric radiators can make a strong centrepiece and they’re some of the most sought-after designer models because of their eye-catching looks and practicality. They’re a great way to make use of awkward stretches of wall that are tricky to make use of otherwise and an excellent space-saving option in smaller rooms where you’d rather give up any extra space to furniture. Vertical radiators have a commanding presence that can really draw the eye to key areas of your room, but if you would rather them take more of a back seat, many are available in neutral tones to blend into a colour scheme rather than steal the limelight. Because of their unique appearance, you’ll find vertical electric radiators of all shapes and sizes, covering everything from more traditional designs to the truly avant-garde. Some of our vertical electric radiators are so arresting to look at that they could easily be mistaken for a modern art piece, so if you’re looking for that extra visual impact, renovating your room to incorporate a vertical solution really is the way to go.

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Designer heating for every area of the home

With designer heating, your radiators no longer have to be shamefully hidden away like a blot on your immaculate interior design skills. You can now incorporate them into any space, making them as much a feature as anything else you want to proudly display in your room. Just keep in mind that, if you’re revamping your property en masse with electric radiators, to make sure you discuss your project with an electrician so that they can hardwire your heaters to the mains and achieve that perfect, wire-free finish.


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