Principles of Eco-Living: Sustainability

Eco Living and Sustainability The number one question for anyone considering going off-grid is: how can I power my eco home? Home design innovators have provided us with many weird and wonderful solutions over the years – but for most people the answer will be wind power, hydropower or solar power. Wind power is a great choice if the environment where you live is exposed or at a higher altitude. Hydropower can be very efficient but requires proximity to an appropriate water source. Solar power, the fastest developing green technology, is becoming more and more efficient with each new innovation – successfully serving as the sole power source for many homes and businesses across the world. Whatever sustainable energy source you use, your renewable power source will generate electricity – so electric heating products are your number one choice when it comes to heating your eco home. But which of our heaters to use? Follow this guide and kit out your eco house with energy efficient, economical heaters in every room.


Best Radiators for Eco-Friendly Living Spaces

Our electric radiators make a great choice for eco-friendly homes. Run off renewable energy, our electric radiators are one of the few carbon neutral heating solutions on the market – with 100% efficient electrical elements, zero carbon emissions and a stylish body constructed from recycled aluminium. All the radiators in our Haverland Designer range boast in-depth heating control systems, helping you cut down the energy you use for heating to an absolute minimum – invaluable in an eco-home where you need your sustainable energy to power every other appliance in your home! Our best-selling RC Wave radiator range uses individual thermostats on each radiator to accurately control separate temperatures in every room of your home. Why heat throughout the house at 8pm when you’re only using the kitchen and living room? Why run your bathroom and your bedroom on the same heating schedule? Why heat your bedroom in the day when you’re working in the office? Economical electric radiators give you huge energy saving potential by allowing you to control temperatures in individual rooms separately. 24/7 programming facilities allow you to set each heating schedule up in advance – and with an optional remote control, you can do it all from the comfort of your recycled wooden furniture! The contemporary design of our Haverland RC Wave economy radiators helps the heaters blend stylishly into the most modern interiors – ideal for 21st century eco homes.


Best Heaters for Occasional Use

An electric radiator system is the most economical solution for those rooms you use regularly – living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens – but what about those rooms you use less frequently? If your eco home includes an office or a spare room that you use irregularly or infrequently, you may want to save a few pennies by purchasing a cheaper electric panel heater. A Haverland Lodel Econ panel radiator or Stiebel Eltron panel heater will heat up your spare rooms quickly and effectively. They’re not quite as efficient as electric radiators but this isn’t quite as important in rooms you use only occasionally. The Haverland Lodel panel heater comes with the added benefit of feet for free standing fitting – so you can use the heater anywhere in the house whenever you need to top up your heat.


You could also use an electric towel rail in an eco-friendly bathroom – or a quartz bathroom heater for on-demand heat in a little-visited eco toilet – a great way to save energy and preserve power for your other appliances. For more information on our economy radiators give our expert sales team a call on 0330 300 4444.  




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