Portable Oil Filled Radiators vs Modern Thermal Fluid Radiators

50s RobotThe phrase ‘oil filled electric radiators’ conjures up a very certain image: one of clunky and fairly unattractive portable heaters, trundling around on wheels like a piece of vintage 50s sci-fi. While these radiators are endearing in their own way and certainly still have a place in the market, they’re a far cry from their wall-mounted contemporaries being produced today. Modern electric radiators have departed from this somewhat utilitarian aesthetic and now sport some of the most sophisticated designs in the heating industry, with sleek lines and minimalist housings that blend harmoniously into any décor. We’re shining the spotlight on our two Rointe products – the Kyros and the Delta D Series – to highlight just how revolutionary the thermal fluid radiators of today really are.

Oil Filled Radiators vs Thermal Fluid Radiators

Lots of terms are used online to describe fluid filled radiators and the most common of these is ‘oil filled’ because, for a long time, this was the thermal medium of choice. Cheaper portable radiators still use oil, and in fact the types used are often not too dissimilar from cooking oils you may find in the home, but this is less often the case with contemporary models. Technically speaking, many newer models count as oil free electric radiators because they actually use a synthetic compound designed to have superior thermal conductivity and heat retention. This engineered fluid is usually a gel-like liquid, although some brands use fully or partially synthetic oils instead. Terms like ‘oil filled radiators’ and ‘thermal fluid radiators’ are generally used interchangeably; however, thermal fluids are specially designed to provide improved efficiency – which is what makes Rointe radiators an excellent choice.

Rointe Electric Radiators

Elegant Aesthetics, Practical Design

Whether you prefer the clean, straight edges of the Kyros or the gentle curve of the Delta, both of these Rointe electric radiators exude a contemporary feel that will look at home in any modern interior space. Their exceptional design doesn’t solely revolve around their outward appearance: vents integrated into the body of these radiators help to guide heat out into the room where it’s most needed, rather than letting it rise vertically where much of the usable warmth will collect toward the ceiling, as per a traditional portable model. The excellent heat retention of these radiators means they need less energy to maintain temperature levels, and when combined with their convection vents, they’re much more effective too.

Rointe KyrosPrecision Heat Management

There’s no antiquated two-stage output or turn dials on these radiators – the Kyros and the Delta D Series allow you to select a precise temperature so you can keep a closer eye on your energy usage. Both models have precision digital thermostats that are able to adjust temperatures with an accuracy of ±0.25 °C – a vast improvement over older products which rely on basic and inaccurate mechanical thermostats to regulate temperature. Another issue with older oil heaters is that once they reach temperature, they will switch off and begin to cool, which creates larger and more noticeable heat fluctuations in the room. This hot/cold cycle isn’t just inefficient, it also decreases your own personal comfort as the room slowly becomes chilly, or even overly warm as the heater tries to compensate. Rointe tackle this issue with their integrated fuzzy logic energy control which maintains a stable heat by minimising these fluctuations, preventing the radiator from overheating in order to get back up to temperature.

Convenient Programming for Total Comfort

One of the few disadvantages of all electric oil filled radiators is that they can take longer to heat up from cold. It’s only a minor irritation but if you’re coming in to escape the chilly outdoors, waiting for your radiators to heat up can feel like an eternity. If this is a problem with your current heating system, it’s well-worth considering an upgrade to a Rointe radiator.

Now that we’re starting to get the first frosts of winter, comfort is definitely at the top of our priority list, which is why it’s so important to have a heating system that’s responsive and versatile. The Kyros has an intuitive user interface on the heater body to allow the creation of a custom 24/7 heating schedule to match your weekly routine. Using its programmer, you can ensure that your room spaces are well heated before you come to use them so there will be no more waiting around to feel the warmth come back to your fingertips. The Rointe Kyros even comes with 4 pre-set programming schedules to reflect common household lifestyles so you can be up and running with your heating routine in no time at all.

Rointe Delta D RadiatorInstant Heat Management from Any Location

The Rointe Delta D Series takes heat management to a whole new level. With its Wi-Fi capability, the Delta can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet using Rointe’s intuitive Connect heating app, so you can amend your heating from anywhere in the world. The best part of the Delta is that it has a Wi-Fi receiver built into the heater body so no additional gateways are required to control your heating system via the internet. Communication with the radiators goes directly through your home router, allowing any changes you make to take instant effect.  

As you’d expect from smart technology, the app doesn’t just cover temperature adjustment and programming. It also offers consumption and real power usage statistics for all connected D Series radiators to help you identify where you can save energy and slim down your heating bills. This feature is fantastic for households looking to reduce their running costs but even better for larger commercial installations that rely on data to identify energy usage trends and areas where they may be wasting money. Not many portable models can do that.

Thermal Fluid Electric Radiators for the Modern Home

Thermal fluid radiators may not strictly be oil filled but they provide all of the benefits of these ubiquitous heaters and more. The biggest problem with old-style oil filled radiators is that they’re sometimes viewed as if they’re a universal heating solution for every room in the home when this simply isn’t the case. Yes, they can be convenient for more enclosed spaces, but they’re often ill-equipped to deal with larger spaces. It’s a much better long-term investment to purchase heaters that are properly specified for each individual room, where they can be programmed to reflect how you use the space throughout the week. By purchasing a thermal fluid radiator like our Rointe models, users can enjoy the same type of heat from an oil filled heater but with an improved range of control options for increased efficiency.

Our range of ‘oil free’ radiators doesn’t just include engineered thermal fluid models – we also have dry element radiators such as the Haverland RC Wave which make a fantastic alternative! Browse our full range today to find the perfect electric heating solution for your space.

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