Outdoor Heating for Stadiums

Outdoor HeatingIt’s September and that means the winter sports season is well under way. Every weekend, and most evenings, the commuter routes to our country’s biggest stadiums are swollen with the traffic of loyal fans marching to see their chosen team to victory – or, perhaps, to defeat. In the towns and villages the stands are packed out with dedicated supporters cheering on their local teams – or perhaps just a few loyal family members are sheltering in the pavilion and making enough noise for a whole crowd. For the next few weeks the nation’s sports fans will be pouring into Cardiff as the tussle for the Rugby World Cup begins. There’s no doubt about it: we’re a nation of sports lovers, and whether it’s rugby, football, netball, horse-racing, ice-hockey, athletics or Quidditch that takes our fancy, we always brave the bad weather to add our voices to the cheering crowds.


That said, as September breezes into October, which gusts into November, which shivers and howls into December, the limits of our dedication to our athletic heroes begins to be tested. It’s one thing putting on a hat and scarf in team colours and jumping up and down to keep warm. It’s another thing huddling together in silence as frost forms on the railings, unable to cheer because of the scarves wrapped around your mouth, unable really to hear the action on the pitch because of the chattering of your teeth. No matter the size of your fan-base, the skill of your players or the notoriety of your squad, you’ll inevitably see some drop-off in match attendance as the season passes through the coldest winter months of December, January and February. For the fair-weather fans, they know there’s other things they can do where they’ll be more comfortable. For the dedicated but elderly or unwell fans, the decision may be made for them by considerations of their health.


The uplifting power of a roaring, rousing, united crowd is undeniable. The material benefits for the sport industry, for athletic performance and for the wider community can be felt by all. It’s a simple matter of maths to know that if your 100,000 capacity stadium is only half full it’s going to make less money than if you sold a ticket for every seat. It’s a phenomenon observed across the sporting world that a home game is a strong advantage no matter what game you’re playing – the support of a dedicated crowd providing that essential drive for victory that’s hard to replicate unaided. And in our modern cities and towns, what could bind a community tighter than the shared affection for a beloved team that sees people of all ages, colours and creeds pouring together to shout their mutual support?


If you value the benefits of a packed-out stadium, whether for your monthly budget, for the success of your teammates or the strength of your community, investing in some level of outdoor heating could be a game changer for all concerned. Infrared heaters are a uniquely efficient and effective method of heating outdoors, giving off radiant heat which warms supporters directly like the heat from the sun. Wall mounted infrared heaters installed above stadium doorways, beneath awnings or against the rear wall of a standing areas could provide a source of warmth to bolster your fans on those bitter winter meets. From cheaper glowing near-infrared outdoor heaters to sophisticated far-infrared heaters, which provide efficient comfort heating without the orange glare, our range of outdoor infrared heaters provides outdoor heating options for stadiums of all sizes.


There are many different ways you could use infrared heating in your stadium, depending on its size, on your budget, and the character of the sport and the crowd that attends. If the social and leisure experience is particularly important for visitors attending your sport events, such as with horse racing, providing a level of comfort heating will be more of a priority. If you can afford to heat throughout the stands you will continue to attract large crowds throughout the winter months. An alternative is to fit outdoor heaters into luxury areas, and perhaps offer discounted tickets to these areas for the elderly and infirm. If your stadium is a more local affair, which naturally draws smaller crowds, installing a small numbers of heaters at either end could provide focal comfort points for a well-distributed crowd to gather around. Another option could be to install outdoor heaters around the stadium’s social areas. Providing heating around the club’s outdoor bars, vendor centres and refreshment pavilions will give your fans a reason to stay; rather than rushing to the warmth and comfort of cars, trains and buses, supporters can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat from your vendors, revelling together to reflect on the shared experience.


There are so many different ways you can use outdoor infrared heating to bolster the customer experience of your sports stadium. For more inspiration, and information about our infrared products, speak to our friendly sales team today on 0330 880 8383.




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