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On Wednesday we shared with you a selection of our customer reviews for our best-selling product the RC Wave – giving you, we hope, a useful insight into our customers’ experience of this highly efficient electric radiator. But our reviews don’t end with the RC Wave – our customers have been generous in providing honest and extensive feedback on many of our products, including our other electric radiator ranges and our towel rails. See which of our electric central heating products our customers have been rating most highly!

The Haverland Inerzia Radiator – For Hard to Heat Rooms

Haverland Inerzia

Our Haverland Inerzia range is designed to provide an effective heating solution for lofty interiors that are difficult to heat using ordinary means. By using ceramic stone blocks on the inside of the radiator housing, the Inerzia is able to emit heat with a greater intensity and retain warmth for longer, offering an effective and efficient heat source. Customer feedback on the radiators’ performance – including heat distribution and efficiency – has been very positive. Described as an “Amazing product!” which “retains heat well”, the Inerzia’s ability to heat up quickly and warm spacious rooms has satisfied many of our customers:

“Looks amazing and warms the whole room!! I live in a converted lead works with huge non insulated brick walls and large windows! This is the perfect product. I love it.”

“I replaced a panel heater with this electric radiator, you can really feel the difference. The old heater only heated from the top of the panel while the radiator emits heat on its entire surface.”

“1500 W inerzia model heats one room of 35 sq metres area and 8 feet ceiling. Triple grazed and 3 inch thick double floating floor, so well insulated.” 

Customers were similarly full of praise for the Inerzia when it came to aesthetics, describing it as “Attractive and easy to install” and “Smart looking”. One reviewer simply describes their Inerzia as a “good quality unit”, neatly summing up Haverland’s manufacturing ethos when it comes to the production of their radiators. If you’re struggling to heat a high-ceilinged Victorian terrace or perhaps a chilly church conversion, contact our helpful sales team to see if the Inerzia is right for you.

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The Haverland Designer TT Radiator – State of the Art Designer Heating

Haverland Designer TT

The Haverland Designer TT is part of our designer heating range, and with top-of-the-range heating control facilities it’s the number one choice if you want to keep an eye on your energy consumption. We’re been delighted to discover that every review submitted for the TT this year has been enthusiastic and complimentary – a fantastic tribute to the product and our commitment to finding top quality heating solutions. Customers have described the TT as “Amazing” and “Fantastic” with a series of reviews praising the product’s effectiveness, stylish appearance and simple installation:

“Great radiators - easy to install, look great and work really effectively.”

“So far so good! Looks as advertised.”

“Item as intended and all working perfectly"

“Looks great”

“What can I say does what it says on the tin, easy to mount on the wall up and running within the hour, looks and works great, delighted with appliance”.

Feedback on programming has been, as is common in the electrical appliance industry, mixed: whilst one customer felt the TT was “quite difficult to program”, another was very satisfied: “Easy to install, does exactly what I need it for .controls easy to understand , very happy with product”. Ease of programming seems always to vary between our customers so we provide full programming assistance for anyone who is struggling. The reviews also show an interesting discussion of the TT’s cost effectiveness which will be very useful for any customers considering how cheap they will be to run in their homes. While heating costs will vary between households, depending on insulation, location and many other factors, these two customers can give you some idea of the economics of our electric heating products:

“Marvelous I am now warm and it is not costing me a fourtune”

“Placed it in a cold hall, whole house feels much warmer as a result. Very efficient source of heat too. Lets you know what your consumption is, in our case 141kWh in 8 weeks making its running costs about £2.50 a week”

Haverland Designer TT Electric Radiators

Ecostrad Electric Towel Rails – Our Best Bathroom Heaters

Ecostrad Towel RailsOur Ecostrad Electric Towel Rails are popular bathroom heating products which offer efficient, stylish, thorough-going heating for a great value price. We’ve received nothing but great feedback on our towel rails in 2015 – take a look at what our customers had to say! 

“Keenly priced and effective in our en suite bathroom”

“Great value”

“Good value unit”

“good easy to install working well!”

“Excellent radiator, keeps our bathroom lovely and warm and also keeps the towels warm. I would highly recommend this radiator”


As always we thank our customers for taking the time to leave reviews which help other customers make informed choices and help us to improve our service. To read all reviews in our feedback archive check out our Feefo reviews page. We are committed to honest feedback and transparency in our review publication process, working together with Feefo to ensure you always have 100% confidence in reviews of our products. For more information about our best-selling products give our expert sales team a call today on 0330 300 4444.

 Ecostrad Towel Rails

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