Make Use of Your Space with a Small Electric Radiator

Art StudioThey might have the least amount of floor space but it’s the smaller rooms in and around the home that provide us with the most licence to be creative. While our living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms have to accept their lot in life, we’re free to transform our box rooms into just about anything we please and let loose our imaginations. You might have a box room that’s crying out to become an elegant walk-in dressing room, or perhaps you’ve got a shed outside that’s got the potential to be an artist’s atelier. Or maybe your spare room will simply function as a guest bedroom for visitors, who knows? There’s no reason these secondary spaces should be any less well heated than the other rooms in your home but an issue that arises time and time again is ‘how do I fit heating into such a small area?’ At Electric Radiators Direct, we stock electric radiators for even the smallest of spaces, so take a look at our range below for inspiration.


Our Bestselling Radiator in Miniature

Haverland RC3W Electric RadiatorThough the RC Wave range includes larger electric radiators with outputs all the way up to 1700W, we’re going to take a look at the most diminutive model in the series, the RC3W. Sporting a trim 430mm width, this stylish radiator fits into small rooms and awkward alcoves with ease, ensuring you never use too much precious wall space. The RC3W is 75mm deep, and when mounted onto its wall brackets reaches a total depth of around 100mm, intruding minimally into the room. As you’d expect, this little 450W heater is just as responsive and easy to use as any other RC Wave electric radiator in the range. Inside its slender, curved housing are lightweight aluminium elements that heat and cool quickly, making room temperature control simple and convenient. Its lightweight body also provides the additional benefit of being easy to move around, so if you prefer a freestanding solution, you can purchase the RC3W with an optional set of feet for portability. If you use your room at fairly regular intervals, you can take advantage of the RC3W’s weekly programmer, which will allow you to create a custom heating schedule around your routine. The RC3W can heat areas up to 5.5m² and makes a great addition to many secondary spaces.

 Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators


Hassle-Free Heating with a Chic Design

Haverland Wi3 Electric RadiatorThe Wi3 looks remarkably similar to the RC3W from the outside, and while it’s true they both share the same dimensions, there are some key differences that set them apart. SmartWave radiators distinguish themselves from other electric heaters with their intelligent self-programming system which completely removes the need for any manual adjustment. The Wi3 uses a motion sensor to track your comings and goings over the course of a week. Then, once it’s built up a pattern of use, it will pre-heat your spaces so they’re warm before you come to use them. If you use your spare room sporadically or leave it untouched for weeks on end, don’t worry – all SmartWave radiators have a ‘sensor only’ mode which means they won’t heat unless someone is detected nearby. Whether you opt for self-learning mode or sensor only mode, the Wi3 will provide hassle free heating without having to sacrifice large expanses of your room. Like the RC3W, the Wi3 will also heat areas up to 5.5m² – another excellent fit for any modestly-sized rooms.

 Haverland SmartWave Self-Programming Electric Radiators 


A Petite Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Haverland RC4TT Electric RadiatorThe RC4TT is a smart, compact electric radiator from the Haverland Designer TT range, and unlike the Wave radiators, uses a thermal fluid element to spread heat across its surface. It’s a tad larger than the RC3W and the Wi3 at 447mm wide and 140mm deep with brackets but it still provides a neat little solution that will fit into most spaces without any trouble. The slow cool down of an oil filled radiator may be preferable if you use your room regularly. Engineered to retain heat for longer, the thermodynamic liquid inside the RC4TT makes it efficient and effective to run because it won’t need to draw as much energy to maintain heat levels. To slim down energy usage as much as possible, the RC4TT has one of the most accurate thermostats available, able to regulate temperatures to within ±0.2 °C. This level of temperature control could be invaluable in some situations: my own spare room is currently home to a rudimentary 3D printer, which kept running into trouble when the temperature dropped because the ABS filament was solidifying before it hit the print bed. Having a heater to maintain a reliable ambient temperature could have quickly resolved the issue and prevented prints being ruined midway from fluctuating heat levels. Food for thought if you have any temperature-sensitive hobbies! The RC4TT has a slightly higher 500W output compared to the two Waves and is able to heat up to 6.5m².

 Haverland RC4TT Electric Radiator

It’s Not Small, It’s Bijou

Small Home Office

Properly heating your small rooms can unleash their full potential and make them considerably more welcoming and convenient to use. There’s no need to get chilled through in your garret writing your next novel when one of our small electric radiators could make all the difference. Their sleek housings and slim figures mean they won’t detract from the overall aesthetic of your space, and what’s more, they’ll ensure that you’re left with as much room as possible for storage or furniture. All of the radiators listed above can be installed DIY so you could be enjoying a heated sewing room, workshop or home gym in no time at all.