How to Heat a Home with Young Children

Heating a Home with Young ChildrenThere are so many things to think about when you’ve got young children, heating should be the last thing on your mind. Whether you’re changing nappies, preparing meals, rushing around the house picking up scattered toys or just trying to keep a watchful eye over your newly mobile toddlers, being a parent of young children can be one of the busiest periods of your life. So when you’re looking for replacement heating systems, looking to expand your heating to other areas of your home, or planning to kit up a new home with an entirely new home heating system, you shouldn’t have to spend hours researching to find child friendly products. So we’ve created a quick and easy guide to help you know what to look for when choosing electric heating products for a home with young children.

Make sure the heaters you choose don't get too hot on the surface

There’s a simple rule of thumb when choosing home improvements that every parent of young children will be aware of: if they can touch it, they will touch it. That makes it very important when choosing heaters or radiators for your home that you check just how hot the surface parts can get. Gas central heating radiators can be problematic when you’ve got young kids. The surface of gas central heating radiators can reach temperatures of up to 85˚C, which could cause burns if your child were to fall against the radiators. At best, a fall against a hot radiator might cause a small shock and a few tears – at worst, a child just learning to walk could fall and be unable to move away from the radiator, potentially causing severe burns. Not only that but the pipes which supply hot water to the radiators can get hotter still – and even though they’re smaller than the radiator body, they’re precisely the sort of curiosity that inquisitive children are likely to investigate with their fingers.

At Electric Radiators Direct, we offer a number of safe solutions to safeguard your children against burns whilst still providing effective and efficient home heating. All our electric radiators are fitted with thermal limiters which prevent the surface temperature rising above 70˚C. If the temperature approaches 70˚C the radiator will automatically cut off to let the surface temperature cool. High precision thermostats fitted within each individual radiator are designed to increase the efficiency of the radiators, but can also help ensure that surface temperatures are kept at a minimum. If your home is well insulated, our thermostats could keep your radiators switched off for up to two thirds of each hour – maintaining a comfortable, economical temperature whilst keeping the radiator surface temperature down. The smooth, contemporary design of our Haverland electric radiators, built in sturdy aluminium and strong plastic, will also help prevent injury in the event of a fall – there are no sharp edges on our radiators! An alternative solution is to purchase infrared heating panels which can be mounted on the ceilings or high up on the walls. These state-of-the-art heating panels can be mounted high on the walls like a picture frame, providing ultra-efficient heating to everyone below, well out of the reach of rambling toddlers.

Save money and time by programming your heating

When you’re rushing around after your kids, you don’t want to be worrying about setting up your heating systems. Equally, when you’re forking out for new clothes, new toys and, ultimately, feeding an extra mouth, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending as little on your heating as possible. A great way to do this is by programming your radiators. 24/7 programming controls on all our popular radiator ranges allow you to set up a heating schedule for every heater in your house, providing heat when it’s needed and where it’s needed. Perhaps you and your kids are up and about at home for most of the day – playing in the living room, eating in the kitchen, maybe trying to get a bit of work done in the office. So you can schedule your downstairs radiators to maintain comfort temperatures while the rest of the radiators in the house are switched off. If you know bedtime is at 7:30pm every night, you can schedule the radiators in your children’s rooms to come on at 7, making the room cosy for bedtime stories and snuggling down, ready to switch off at 8:30pm – when, hopefully, they’ll be fast asleep and warm in bed. If you know you’re always out on a Thursday for a trip into town, you can programme all your radiators to switch off and switch on again just before you return. These are all fantastic ways to cut down your energy usage, whilst still ensuring that your home is kept warm in all the important places. And with an optional remote control available with our RC Wave range, you can make any modifications to your heating plan from the comfort of your armchair – when you’ve finally collapsed for a well deserved rest after a long day.

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