Spring is in the air, home improvement season is here!

Summer is finally here! We can’t believe the

Spring decorating

 transformation here in Knaresborough – only last week we were huddled in our winter coats, and now we’re enjoying bright sunshine and temperatures rising to 20˚C. How tempting it is to join the sunbathing crowds around Conyngham Hall…


But in the world of electric heating the warm weather means more than sandals, shorts and sun cream – it’s the start of the home improvement season! There’s no better time than mid-spring to start thinking about updating, renovating or extending your home. Here are our top four reasons why:


1 – Time to Plan

For many people, summer is the most sensible time of year to make major changes to their homes, making the most of warmer weather, clearer skies and – for some – long August holidays. Starting planning in spring gives you several months to work out what you want from your home, with plenty of time to consult builders, meet with architects and seek planning permission. Planning a new project isn’t something you should do in a hurry – take your time in the spring to get the best results in the summer.


2 – Warmer Weather

It can be hard to get motivated about home improvement in the winter months. Who wants to think about knocking down walls when they’re huddled up under a blanket, with draught excluders keeping the cold at bay? Who gets inspired by a new conservatory when there’s snow forecast? And who fancies stepping outside with a tape measurer when there’s a gale blowing, and icy winds rattling the windows?


With the warmer spring weather, getting outside and rethinking your home stops being a chore. You can relax in the garden and work out whether a two-storey extension would be too imposing. You can tend your flower beds and decide whether you’d prefer a new conservatory or another row of geraniums. There’s nothing more refreshing than being able to wander through your home with the windows open and the sun streaming in. Calm weather brings a new perspective and helps you engage with all the possibilities of home modernisation.


3 – Longer Evenings

Now the clocks have gone forward we can finally start to reclaim our evenings. Gone are the days of leaving for work before sunrise and traipsing back home long after sunset! Dark winter evenings present more challenges than just the cold to the would-be home renovator. Trying to measure window mantles, assess your patio foundations and check out the status of your guttering becomes rather more difficult when you’re holding a torch in your teeth! Longer evenings allow you to get home from work and start planning immediately, with none of inconvenience of winter gloom.


4 – Inspiration

Spring really is the season of new beginnings. Whether you’re a horticultural fanatic, a tree-hugging nature enthusiast or a cheerfully passer-by who can’t tell a dandelion from a daffodil, it’s impossible not to be amazed every year by the transformation that goes on all around us each spring. Brightly coloured crocuses popping out of nowhere from muddy lawns; frothy pink blossom coating previously empty avenues and vibrant green leaves erupting from the skeletons of winter trees. If nature can turn a drab, bare, empty landscape into a lush green paradise – surely you can do the same in your home! It’s time to do something about that hideous bathroom, build the orangery you’ve always dreamed of or give your heating system the regeneration it’s needed for years. Get inspired, start anew and prepare to bring the house of your dreams into bloom this spring!


We’re here whenever you’re ready

Electric Radiators Direct trade throughout the year, so whenever you’re ready to make your home renovation dreams a reality we’ll be waiting to help you find the perfect heating solutions for your new development. Whatever your project, you’ll find electric heating solutions to add the perfect finishing touch: whether it’s adwarf-wall electric radiator for a new conservatory, a stylish electric towel rail for a designer bathroom or a weatherproof outdoor heater for a fancy new patio. Find extra inspiration for your spring projects by browsing our extensive collection today, or chat to our sales team about the best products for your designs.


Spring into action today and get set for a redesigned, reimagined, rejuvenated home!


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