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Electric Radiators Direct LogoFor those of us living in the UK, radiators are a lifesaving appliance. If you’re anything like us, there aren’t many days of the year our heating isn’t on. Summer might tempt us to switch it off throughout the day but the cold often creeps back at night – forcing us to dash to the thermostat and crank the temperature up once more. At Electric Radiators Direct, we understand the importance of household heating – that’s why we worked hard to gain the reputation as the number one supplier of electric heating products in the UK. For high-quality electric radiators that cater to a variety of needs, look no further than Electric Radiators Direct.

Who are Electric Radiators Direct?

Electric Radiators Direct are the number one supplier of electric heating products in the UK, providing first-class products and a first-class service to match. Based in Yorkshire, our expert team ensure we have the best and most advanced product range available – gathering the latest electric radiators from around the world to ensure we remain at the leading edge of the market.

Electric Radiators Direct are an online retailer with a difference. Our sales team are always on hand to offer their support whenever you need it and we provide buckets of advice, guides, case studies, and information to support you through the buying process. Whether you need help choosing the right product, need a hand with programming, or simply need some advice, no query is too small. Our aim is to tailor our outstanding electric heating products to your needs, ensuring you’re well informed before making your purchase and completely satisfied afterwards.

Our Feefo page is testament to the way we do things. Feefo are an independent organisation that gathers genuine feedback from our customers. Good or bad, the feedback from Feefo is made public and, apart from routine moderation to remove profanity, can’t be edited in any way. If we’ve let someone down – the negative feedback is laid bare and all we can do is work to correct the customer’s experience. This rarely happens, and we’re continually awarded the “gold standard” for customer service due to our sales and after care team, who work hard to ensure all our customers receive the attention they deserve.

Reasons to Switch to Electric Radiators

Where else can you get electric radiators in the UK?

Before Electric Radiators Direct began, there were two options for getting your hands on some electric radiators. Option one was to head to your local shopping outlet and purchase some cheaply made fan heaters destined for a costly and inefficient demise. Or, you could research your own electric radiators and go about talking to the, often internationally based, manufacturers yourself.

Neither of these options were convenient and the customer had to do their own research or suffer at the hands of a poorly made electric heater. Electric Radiators Direct was created to fill the gap between these extreme positions. Through us, customers can browse the latest electric radiators packed with energy-efficient features, modern WiFi controllability, and much more. You need never suffer a cheaply made fan heater again! At Electric Radiators Direct, we’ve done all the work for you. Our products reflect the very latest in electric heating technology, picked from top heating companies from around the world. In fact, due to our established position in the electric radiators UK market and our good reputation with heating manufacturers, Electric Radiators Direct often gets exclusivity on certain top-quality products. For example, renowned heating specialist Haverland trust us to be the sole UK distributor of the RC Wave. 

The RC Wave on Electric Radiators Direct Website

Our best electric radiators

The RC Wave is an all-round top performer and has become our best-selling electric radiator. Slimline, subtly styled, and highly efficient, this electric radiator is the ultimate home heating solution. Featuring a highly accurate digital thermostat and 24/7 programming capability, the RC Wave helps to keep your monthly energy bill as low as possible. Set exact temperatures for every hour of the week and let the Wave do the rest, reducing waste and providing energy-efficient heating.

The RC Wave is made from 100% recycled aluminium and comes with an impressive warranty for added peace of mind. Suitable for plug-in-and-go installation, the Wave can be wall-mounted with ease and fits to the wall with a few screws.

Individually, these features can be found on other electric radiators but the combination of these features, at such a competitive price and packaged in such a stylish way, is what makes the RC Wave special. If you fancy something in the premium price bracket, the SmartWave is the next step up. The sister product to the RC Wave, the SmartWave comes with motion sensing technology and can be controlled via WiFi. Exclusive to Electric Radiators Direct, both the RC Wave and SmartWave are the perfect choice for your home. Leagues away from the cheaply made heaters available on the high street, there isn’t much that can top the efficiency or style ofthese electric radiators.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current heating system this winter, head over to our website or give one of our friendly sales team a call. If you’re quick, you might pick up a bargain in our January Event, with 10% off selected products, including the RC Wave.

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