Electric Radiators for Beauty Salons

Electric Radiators For Beauty SalonsRadiators, it’s fair to say, might not be the first thing you think about when designing a beauty salon. When there are stylish colour schemes to pick, floor-to-ceiling mirrors to purchase, flattering lighting arrays to set up and trendy cushions, curtains and curiosities to choose for decoration, you may be reluctant to save space for a heater. But beauty salons need heat like anywhere else, and with a chilly winter coming in it’s never been more important to choose energy efficient heating products that will keep you and your clients warm this winter without inflating your heating bills. Our electric heaters have been very popular with salon managers facing just this conundrum: how to heat efficiently and effectively whilst maintaining a stylish design scheme? But what is it that makes our electric heating products different?


At Electric Radiators Direct we’ve worked with some of the world’s top heating manufacturers to find you great deals on energy efficient heating products which don’t compromise on style. From our electric radiators to our infrared panels, from our heated towel rails to our panel heaters, we’ve collected together a wide range of products which will heat your salon efficiently without sacrificing the stylish ambience you’ve worked hard to cultivate. Here are our electric heaters most popular for salons:


Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators

Our best-selling electric radiators, the Haverland RC Wave range combines everything we strive for at Electric Radiators Direct: efficiency, comfort and style. Dry thermal elements in the radiator body deliver heat fast and effectively with a comfortable mix of radiated and convected heat. A highly accurate thermostat and 24/7 programming give you total control over your radiators, allowing you to set a heating schedule that keeps your salon warm when it’s in use and doesn’t waste energy heating the room when it’s empty. The elegant waves of the radiator design seem to have been blow-dried to perfection, whilst the ultra-slim depth of 7.4cm leaves plenty of space for salon staff to move about the salon. In the words of one of our most recent customers:


“These radiators are fab and just what we was looking for in our beauty salon, can't wait for winter now knowing our clients will be lovely and warm!”


The RC Wave is suitable for DIY installation and is available from £199.99.


Stylish Electric Towel Rails

A beauty salon is a unique environment that has as much in common with a bathroom as it does with an ordinary shop. An electric towel rail provides a great opportunity to boost your heating whilst creating extra storage space for your towels – keeping them warm and cosy for your customers’ comfort. What’s more, you can make your choice from a wide range of stylish designs that could make your towel rail look more like a modernist sculpture than a heat source. From basic white towel rails to sleek plasma-style towel radiators, and from ladder-style chrome towel rails to elegant heated rails with ultra-slim bars, you’re sure to find the perfect towel rail at Electric Radiators Direct – whatever your budget or interior design scheme. Towel rails should be installed by a professional electrician. Prices start at £79.99.


Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared heating panels provide a new and exciting heating strategy with more scope for design and customisation than with any other heating product. Our slim line infrared heating panels mount on the wall just as you’d mount a picture frame – or can be fitted onto your ceiling if you’ve got limited space. Infrared panels are unique in that they heat the people and objects in their range directly – rather than just heating the air. This makes them very efficient, and a great choice if yours is a high street salon with continual draughts from an opening door. We sell infrared panels in minimalist white, sophisticated coloured glass and with functional mirror glass – so your customers can check out their reflection whilst bathing in gentle radiated heat! We also sell infrared panels with pre-printed images which turn your heaters into works of art – or you can upload your own picture, for a more personal touch which gives you total control over your design scheme. Infrared heating panels are available from £209.99.


Haverland Lodel Econ Panel Heaters

If you just need to top up the heat of an older central heating system, our Haverland Lodel Econ Panel Heaters could be just the job. Our newest edition to Electric Radiators Direct, the Econ combines simple convection heater design with all the control features of our energy efficient electric radiators. The Econ uses hot electric elements in the heater body to warm air as it circulates around the room, providing comfortable ambient temperatures. The built-in thermostat ensures that the heater will only start working if it sense the temperature dropping below the level you have set. Cheap to purchase from only £129.99, our range of Econ panel heaters offer an affordable short-term solution to keep your clients warm this winter.


For more details on our stylish electric heating products and advice about installing in your salon, give our friendly sales team a call today on 0330 300 4444.




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