Electric Radiators - A Guide to Our Ranges

 Electric Radiators - A Guide To Our RangesWith autumn fast approaching and the waning sunshine on the horizon, all of us here at Electric Radiators Direct have been prepping for the cold by looking over our product ranges. This season, our established electric heating favourite Haverland has been joined at the top by Rointe as the company showcases its premium heating credentials. In light of this new addition, we thought it was time to display the very best that Electric Radiators Direct has to offer and provide you with a comprehensive guide to our top product ranges.


The Biggest Names in Electric Heating

At Electric Radiators Direct, we’re privileged to work with the very biggest names in household electric heating and have an extensive range of products from quality manufacturers Haverland and Rointe. Both companies are well established and commit to outstanding build quality that culminates in their biggest and brightest products yet. This blog will explore a few highlights from both manufacturers and show you why you really should be considering an electric alternative this autumn...


If you’re not new to Electric Radiators Direct, this is a brand name you’ll be very familiar with by now. Haverland are renowned worldwide for manufacturing excellence and their products represent the very best in electric heating design. Based in sunny Spain, Haverland lead the way in technological innovation and provide robust electric radiators that are intuitive, stylish, and hard to beat when it comes to efficiency. 

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators

The RC Wave

Haverland’s flagship electric radiator, the RC Wave, is a revolution in electric heating design and stands tall in a crowd of conventional central heating systems. With its signature elegant curves and smooth white finish, Haverland’s RC Wave sets the bar exceptionally high for both aesthetics and functionality. The RC Wave, therefore, is definitely more than just a looker…

Sitting within a stylish, ultra-slim housing, the RC Wave is a fully programmable electric radiator that uses dry thermal heating technology for speedy heat-up times. These dry thermal elements don’t use liquids or moving parts in their heat production, which removes the need for potentially costly repairs and yearly maintenance. The RC Wave uses a combination of convection (pushing heat around a room) and radiation (pushing heat out into a room) to warm your household. This double-pronged heating technique provides a thorough level of heating that’s unachievable through other means.

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric RadiatorsThe RC Wave is rather clever too and allows you to create a versatile 24/7 heating schedule. This allows you to set a specific temperature for each hour of the day and lets you rest assured, knowing your heating is fully taken care of for you. In addition to this, the RC Wave’s highly accurate digital thermostat maintains set temperatures by switching on and off when the temperature rises and falls – ideal for sustaining warmth and for functioning economically.

These features, together with the RC Wave’s undeniable good looks, makes it a formidable all-rounder that’s remained our firm favourite for some time. 

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators

The SmartWave

Haverland SmartWave Self-Programming Electric Radiators

The RC Wave’s clever cousin, the Haverland SmartWave, boasts intuitive programming and provides an additional level of intelligent home heating that sets it apart from the other electric radiators on the market.Haverland’s trademark smooth curves and ultra-slim body design makes the SmartWave an attractive and refined electric alternative. With simple plug-in and go installation, the SmartWave can be hung onto walls with ease and can even be purchased with a pair of attachable feet to provide a freestanding installation option.

Where the SmartWave comes into its own, however, is its ability to learn your daily routine and take direct control of your heating habits. The SmartWave has a built-in infrared sensor that monitors and tracks your whereabouts – determining when you’re in and out of a room. The SmartWave then begins to build up a picture of your daily comings and goings. After an initial week of calibration, in which time the SmartWave simply heats when it senses you’re near, the radiator has ‘learnt’ your schedule and turns itself on and off when it knows you’re going to be there. Ingenious! The SmartWave forgoes the need to manually programme a heating schedule and, instead, assimilates itself completely into your daily routine - allowing you to sit back and let your heating control itself.

Haverland SmartWave Self-Programming Electric RadiatorsEach week, the SmartWave will adapt its heating schedule and keep itself up-to-date with your movements. If your schedule changes, as they’re often prone to do, and you need to pop out -  the SmartWave will ‘sense’ you’re not there, and, after 30 minutes, shut down. Likewise, if you return home early, your SmartWave will detect you’re home and begin heating again. As if that wasn’t enough, the SmartWave has another little trick up its sleeve! When purchased with the SmartBox, your SmartWave can be controlled over WiFi with the use of the Haverland app. With this little app, you can alter your heating schedule on the go, switch your SmartWave on or off, or simply check your home temperature. Wherever there’s an internet connection – you are in complete control of your heating, without needing to so much as touch your SmartWave.

Simple, resourceful, and subtle, the Haverland SmartWave is one of the cleverest electric radiators you can buy and its habitual self-learning programming means you won’t have to worry about wasting energy ever again. 

Haverland SmartWave Self-Programming Electric Radiators


A relative newbie to Electric Radiators Direct, Rointe are a leading electric heating manufacturer that use sophisticated designs and innovative new technologies to provide A* electric heating appliances. With a focus on eco-efficiency, Rointe utilise their decades of experience to create a product range that is reliable and efficient - making an attractive addition to any household. At Electric Radiators Direct, we thought it was about time we showed you some of the best that Rointe has to offer…

The Kyros

Rointe Kyros Electric Radiators - White

The Rointe Kyros sets an exceptionally high standard for home heating and combines elegant styling with state-of-the-art energy-saving features. The Kyros is a fully programmable electric radiator with 24/7 programming and a whole host of features designed to make it as accessible as possible. As well as the detailed 24/7 programmer, which allows you to set specific temperatures for each hour in the day, the Kyros comes with four predetermined heating settings that allow you to get going from the off without having to sit down and create a lengthy heating schedule. As well as these programming options, the Kyros comes with Open Window Detection and Fuzzy Logic controls that reduce energy loss and provide more control over your heating. Fuzzy Logic, Rointe’s innovative temperature control system, modulates the radiator’s output and helps it to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations whilst reaching its set temperature. This eco-efficient system minimises waste and creates comfortable heat throughout your home.

Rointe Kyros Electric Radiators - WhiteThe Rointe Kyros uses thermal oil heating elements within the radiator body. This thermal oil retains heat and slowly distributes it along the length of the Kyros to create effective warmth. Meaning you’ll never suffer from cold spots or uneven heat again! The Kyros’s most dramatic feature, however, is surely its aesthetics! With a front vent that wouldn’t look out of place crowning an art-deco palace, the Kyros exudes modernism and really is eye-catching when you consider the drab vertical design of conventional plumbed radiators. It’s refreshing to know, however, that the front vent on the Kyros is not only an aesthetic choice but a functional one as Rointe have designed the vent to increase air circulation when the Kyros is in use – stopping the heat from gathering at the ceiling where it’s no use to anyone.

With a colossal number of features all packed into a streamline housing, you can see why the Rointe Kyros deserves its place among our fine selection of electric radiators at Electric Radiators Direct. 

Rointe Kyros Electric Radiators - White

Rointe D Series Electric Radiators - Graphite

The Delta D Series

Last but by no means least, Rointe’s premium radiator, The Delta D Series, makes its debut with us at Electric Radiators Direct. The D Series is Rointe’s superior product range and can be purchased in a cutting-edge grey colour, perfect if you want to shirk the ubiquitous white that dominates home appliances. Like the Kyros, Rointe’s D Series is jam-packed full of features that make the device more accessible. The D Series has the usual Eco, Frost, and Anti-Freeze modes, Open Window Detection, and Rointe’s Fuzzy Logic system, alongside a comprehensive 24/7 programming option. The D Series comes with a tactile 1.77 inch TFT screen that makes finding and using all of these great features no more difficult that using a smartphone.

Rointe D Series Electric Radiators - Graphite

By far the most impressive feature of the Delta D Series is the built-in WiFi that allows you to control your radiator from the Rointe Connect App on a compatible smart device. Enabling WiFi control means you can make changes to your schedule on the go and puts you in complete command of every aspect of your heating without having to physically be there to make the changes. The Delta D series’ WiFi is in-built into every radiator and you can immediately enjoy the benefits of WiFi control without the need for additional tech. Through the Rointe app, you also have the added benefit of being able to monitor your energy usage and keep a close eye on running costs - a helpful feature not often found on electric radiator products.

Great looking, efficient, and cleverly designed – we’re thrilled to stock such a unique product and know that Rointe’s electric radiators are some of the best around! 

Rointe D Series Electric Radiators - Graphite

Spoilt for Choice

So, there you have it. A comprehensive look at our brightest and best electric radiators. With a multitude of additional features, styles, designs, and colours, whether you think you need a Haverland SmartWave or a Rointe Delta D, at Electric Radiators Direct we have the exact electric heating product to suit your needs. If you liked the sound of any of the radiators mentioned in this blog, head over to our website for more information. There, you can find individual product pages, our wattage calculator – that can determine the total wattage needed for you to heat your room effectively – and much more...