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Panel heaters are often wrongly considered the ‘last resort’ choice of the electric heating world. The popular misconception is that they can be unintuitive, lack control, and often end up being expensive to run – especially throughout the winter months. These days though, advances in electric heating have done away with inefficient and overly simplistic panel heater designs. To meet our modern expectations, panel heaters have upped their game – rivalling the controllability of electric radiators. For use as top-up heaters in large rooms, or as primary heaters in smaller rooms, electric panel heaters have gone from being a last resort to a firm first choice. Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we stock a programmable electric panel heater that challenges and rejects popular misconceptions – introducing the Ecostrad Eco +.

The next generation panel heater

Manufactured by Ecostrad, a company whose stylish electric heaters set new standards for design and usability, the Eco + is leagues above the competition. Lightweight, portable, and programmable, the Eco + combines the pick-up-and-go qualities of occasional heaters with the functionality of comprehensive heating systems. The result is an electric panel heater that can be used in exactly the same way as central heating or electric radiators. For home offices, spare rooms, or for use as a top-up heater, the Ecostrad Eco + is the ideal choice.

The Eco

Intuitive, programmable heating

Most panel heaters only offer a simple on/off function, with little or no scope for programming or temperature control. The Eco +, however, is different – providing an impressive 7-day customisable heating schedule, three temperature modes, and a precision digital thermostat. All of which place the Eco + at the forefront of electric panel heating – for the price, you won’t find a more comprehensive heater anywhere.

Ecostrad Eco control panel

Heater modes

The Eco + comes equipped with Comfort, Economy, and Anti-Frost modes as standard. The holy trinity of electric heating, these three modes can be adjusted depending on how hot or cold you like your home. These modes are depicted as symbols on the Eco +’s control panel for quick and easy use when programming. Comfort mode is depicted as a sun, Economy as a moon, and Anti-Frost as a snowflake. Between these three heater settings, and the ability to adjust each one, the Eco + will provide precise home heating – catering to your specific needs.


By far the best feature of the Eco + is its 24-7 digital programmer. Providing a fully customisable heating schedule, the Eco + does what other electric panel heaters don’t – offer a reliable heating programme that fits into your weekly routine. No more coming home to a stone-cold house and wasting precious minutes fiddling with manual controls. Once programmed, the intuitive Eco + will ensure your house is nicely warmed for when you get home.  

Using the front panel, the Eco + can be programmed for every hour of every day, for the entire week. To create your heating schedule, set the time, press the ‘PROG’ button to enter the programming screen, and assign one of the three heater modes to each hour of each day. It really is that simple. We’re aware that programming your heaters isn’t overly exciting, and often it can be a challenge with unintuitive systems. The Eco +, however, makes the whole process quick and painless – a few bleeps and presses of a button later, and you’ll have a fully programmed panel heater. Ecostrad have even provided a simple, step-by-step tutorial video so you can program your Eco + with absolute confidence.

Setting a program also helps to ensure your panel heater is running as efficiently as possible – keeping your monthly bills low. The Eco +’s control panel can also be locked, perfect for keeping wandering fingers away from messing up your perfect programming! The ability to create a heating programme is something not often found on similar products, let alone products with the Eco +’s price-tag. It’s worth noting that, despite its programming capabilities, the Eco + is no substitute for an electric radiator. Designed for all day use, electric radiators are a better choice for use throughout your home as a primary heating system.

 Stylish & versatile heating

Ecostrad Eco + Electric Panel Radiators

Programming aside, the Eco +’s sleek, understated appearance allows it to slip into any design scheme. Finished in a classic white, the Eco + could easily be mistaken for a fully-fledged electric radiator.

The Eco + has a lightweight body boasting a slim depth of just 55.5mm, making it a perfect portable heater. Attach the provided feet and move it from room to room, depending on where you need heat the most. Or, for permanent installation, the Eco + can be mounted to the wall and comes with all the fixtures and fittings you need. Ecostrad have even included a template to help you position the heater. From unboxing to heating, it takes minutes to get your Eco + up and running.

Perfect for use in a variety of locations, the Eco + is a versatile electric panel heater. If you work from home and don’t want to engage your entire central heating for the sake of one room, the Eco + is ideal. Wheel it in, plug into the nearest socket, and keep warm without heating the whole house. If you fancy working in the lounge rather than the office, simply unplug your Eco + and take it with you.

Or, perhaps you have a room that never gets as warm as you’d like? The Eco + is an excellent choice for top-up heating. Simply plug it in and set your desired temperature for an additional heat boost. Thanks to its precision digital thermostat, the Eco + will maintain this temperature – keeping you warm without having to crank the heat up for the rest of the house. You don’t even need to get up from the sofa to adjust the heat, as the Eco + comes with its own remote for ease of use. Available in five different wattages from 600w to 1800w, there’s an appropriately sized Ecostrad Eco + for every space.

Fully versatile as a portable or wall-mounted electric panel heater, the Ecostrad Eco + can be used for a variety of purposes – providing quick, effective, and controllable heating whenever you need it most. Whether it’s for keeping warm as you work or for top-up heat throughout the colder months, the Eco + is the only panel heater you will ever need – offering the control of an electric heater twice the price. For more information or to place an order, visit our website.

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