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HousesIf all our heating needs were the same, finding the right heaters for our homes would be an easy job. But, as anyone who works in the heating industry can attest to, our homes are as unique as our personalities and lifestyles – with different building styles, different rooms, different requirements and different comfort levels. At Electric Radiators Direct we appreciate that every home has its own unique heating requirements, and that’s why we offer free telephone consultations for every customer, helping you find the most economical electric heating products for your home. But if you’re not ready to pick up the phone yet, take a peek at our electric heating agony aunt column – solving just a few common home heating conundrums. Perhaps you’ll find the solution to your home heating problem in our case studies below.

Technotherm KS DSM Electric Radiator"Our Victorian terrace has high-ceilings and draughty windows. Can we heat our home efficiently with electric radiators?"

Yes. Our Technotherm KS electric radiator range is specifically designed to efficiently heat those hard-to-heat properties with high ceilings and draughty windows. Dry stone elements within the radiator body heat up fast and push out heat at a higher intensity than that achieved by conventional radiators – warming every corner and keeping everyone cosy. The highly accurate thermostat ensures that temperatures do not dip too high or too low, whilst optional app control in the KS DSM allows you keep track of your energy usage. A great choice for period properties, function rooms, Victorian terraces and open plan offices.

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"Our tiny downstairs toilet gets very cold in winter – but there isn’t space for a radiator. Where can we find a good alternative that won’t break the bank?"

Herschel Select 350w Infrared PanelChilly trips to the loo are a familiar feature of winter for some of us. Small washrooms and cloakrooms are often too small for regular radiators but a cold bathroom means leaving the comfort of the living room for the cold embrace of a chilly porcelain bowl. Electric Radiators Direct offer a solution in the shape of our Herschel Select infrared panels. These low-cost infrared heaters, available from only £188.99, provide direct, gentle infrared warmth that will keep small bathrooms well heated. These slimline heaters can be mounted high up on the walls in even the smallest cupboard bathroom, or if you’re really stuck for space, install them on the ceiling for the widest spread of warmth. Infrared is easily absorbed by people, walls and surfaces, providing a more mellow sensation of warmth and a comfortable ambient temperature. As it keeps surfaces warm, it can also help to deter the formation of condensation and reduce issues with damp.

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Star Question: "Our storage heaters are getting old and need replacing. We’ve always used storage heaters and are well used to them – but is there a more economical alternative? We are retired and are usually at home most of the day"

Energy-Efficient Electric RadiatorsStorage heaters are designed to help you save money by charging up overnight and releasing heat during the day, using an Economy 7 tariff that gives you cheaper rates for the electricity you use between midnight and 7am. Historically this has helped customers save money on their heating bills as compared to traditional gas central heating. However, as electric heating technology has developed, electric radiators have become so efficient that they can end up being more economical than storage heaters – even whilst using a standard electricity tariff. Storage heaters are inherently less efficient than electric radiators because they release heat constantly throughout the night and day, whether you need it or not. They also heat purely by convection, which is less efficient than heaters which is also heat using radiation. They are also difficult to control and will leave you cold once they run out of charge.

If you are considering a change but are used to storage heaters we recommend purchasing an electric radiator for your bedroom. Storage heaters are a bad fit for bedrooms because they heat during the day – when you don’t use the bedroom – and throughout the night, when too much heat can make it hard to sleep. Our electric radiators can be programmed so they only come on for the few hours when you need them – early in the morning and late at night – so you can cut your heating bills down whilst staying comfy. Once you’ve seen first-hand the benefits of electric radiators you may well want to fit them throughout the rest of your house!

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If we’ve not solved your home heating conundrum yet, have no fear! We’ll be back on Wednesday with three more heating solutions for those tricky heating locations. Or for immediate, expert advice tailored to you why not give our friendly sales team a ring? They’ll be delighted to help you find the most economical home heating solutions for your property. Call us today at 0330 300 4444.


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