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Electric Heating SolutionsOn Monday our resident heating agony aunt shared solutions to some of your most common home heating conundrums – and today she’s back with three more puzzles. Whatever your home heating needs, we’re confident we can help you out at Electric Radiators Direct. So if you haven’t yet found the solutions you need, have no fear! Give our expert sales advisors a ring today and they’ll guide you through our products, helping you find the most economical and efficient heating solution for your property – be it domestic, commercial, or industrial.


“Can you recommend a suitable home heating system for my daughter’s home? My daughter has learning difficulties, mobility limitations and lives semi-independently in a supported living home.”



When choosing a heating system for homes with vulnerable people it’s important to make sure you find radiators which are durable, tamper-proof and not too hot on the surface. Our Haverland RC Wave range fits the bill perfectly with an array of innovative safety features. A thermal safety limiter prevents the radiator surface temperature rising above 70˚C – preferable to gas central heating radiators which can reach temperatures of 85˚C – ensuring that a brush against the radiator will not cause burns. The radiator body is constructed from recycled aluminium, with plastic panels around the sides of the radiator. The durable design is smooth and contemporary, with no sharp edges – minimising the potential for injury from a fall. The radiator features a lockable control panel and can be controlled using an optional remote control – a useful accessory if the heating in your daughter’s home is controlled by her support worker.


“How can I heat my rabbit hutch?”

In the wild, rabbits live in underground burrows where the temperature is relatively constant – so if you want your rabbits to live outside in a hutch you’ll need to make sure the hutch is kept warm. The RSPCA recommend taking a number of steps to keep your rabbits warm in winter, including positioning the hutch in a sheltered location, insulating the hutch with Perspex hutch covers, and filling the hutch with liberal quantities of hay, straw and newspaper. You should not need an electric heater unless you own several rabbits in a large enclosure which is more difficult to insulate. In this situation an outdoor patio heater installed with a thermostat will ensure that the rabbits are kept at the required temperature above 10 ˚C.


Star Question: “Our house uses a gas central heating system, but we currently have no heating in our bathroom. Would it be better to extend our pipe system into the bathroom or use an electric towel rail?”

You won’t be surprised that, here at Electric Radiators Direct, we’ll always recommend the electric towel rail! But we think we do so with good reason. One of the best arguments for using gas central heating is that you can easily control your whole home heating from one central location. However, what you gain in convenience you can lose in the efficiency of your home heating – and nowhere is this more pertinent than when heating a bathroom. Your bathroom is likely to have very different heating requirements than the rest of your house – you may only use it for showers in the morning and perhaps a relaxing bath in the evening. So why waste power heating your bathroom throughout the day? An electric towel rail is not just a stylish space-saver – it’s a great way to control and reduce your energy usage. An independent digital thermostat on your towel rail prevents you over or under-heating a space where the temperature will fluctuate independent of the rest of your house. An electric towel rail will adapt to the changing temperature, switching itself off when you’ve run a very steamy bath and switching on again as the heat starts to dissipate.


Another major benefit of choosing a towel rail over an extended gas central heating system is the ease of installation. To extend a gas central heating system you’ll need a plumber to take up the floor boards, open up the walls and switch off your water for a number of days – a disruptive, messy and expensive process. Installing an electric towel rail is comparatively effortless. An electric towel rail must be installed by a qualified electrician but this is a quick and easy job which can be completed within an hour. The fast, easy and cheap way to kit out your bathroom for a comfortable winter.


At Electric Radiators Direct we are dedicated to excellent levels of customer service. If our heating agony aunt has not yet provided you with a solution to your heating problem, have no fear! Give our friendly sales team a call today and they’ll be delighted to help you find the most economical heating solution for your property. No location is too small, too big or too obscure for our expert heating advisors. We’ve helped our customers heat garages, churches, schools, barn conversions, attics, conservatories, patios, animal shelters, warehouses, factories and offices – so we mean it when we say that we know how to heat a wide range of properties! With everything from outdoor infrared heaters to traditional storage heaters to energy efficient radiators available in our online catalogue, we can provide you with plenty of options for heating your domestic, commercial or industrial property with electricity. Call us today on 0330 300 4444.




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