Electric Heaters: Heating The Future

Heating of the FutureOne of the greatest misconceptions in the heating industry is that electric heating is old-fashioned. Many people are under the impression that electric heating only involves storage heaters – a form of heating that reached its vogue in the 1970s and decreased in popularity steadily as new technologies developed which proved more economical. Perhaps the misconception lies in the word “electricity” itself – which still carries retro overtones that harken back to fifties-style fads when electricity was new and exciting. The word evokes brightly coloured images of cartoon housewives in vintage adverts. “Oh my, an electric potato peeler!” “What would I do without my electric ironing machine?” “All the family enjoy dinner times now with our electric TV radio phone…” Electric appliances became a cliché, and when storage heaters fell out of favour they seemed to take the entire electric heating industry with them.


However, that was more than half a century ago. The electric heating industry did not die with storage heaters – quite the reverse. Electric technology has been continually evolving and improving, with companies like Haverland boasting decades of experience in electric heating manufacture, creating cutting edge electric heaters that rival the energy efficiency of the most established heating solutions. And because electricity is a form of energy, not a type of fuel (gas, coal and oil are types of fuel), it can be converted into heat in many different ways – creating a huge range of products in the electric heating category, from energy efficient infrared panels to budget convection heaters. But what are the innovations that make electric heating a modern heating solution to rival conventional central heating systems?


Energy Efficiency

Electric heating has always had the advantage over gas central heating systems that no heat is lost through the pipes. Electric radiators, infrared panels, storage heaters and wall mounted convection heaters all work individually, so you don’t need to switch on the entire system if you want to use a single heater. But that’s just the start of the ways that our modern electric heaters can reduce your heating bills. We’ve chosen products from some of the finest heating manufacturers in the world who have used their skill and experience to push the energy efficiency of our heaters to a maximum.


Our Haverland electric radiators have been designed to produce a mix of radiated and convected heat which is an ideal balance for efficiency and home comfort. Using either specially formulated thermal fluids or lightweight dry thermal elements, radiators in the Haverland range heat up quickly and push heat into all corners of the room. Most gas central heating radiators, despite their name, actually transmit most of their heat through convection – an inefficient means of heat transfer which results in heat loss through draughts and uneven temperature levels. Our range of infrared heaters – including our budget patio heaters, far infrared outdoor heaters and stylish infrared panels – does away with the convection element entirely to heat purely by radiation. This is one of the most efficient forms of heating, especially in outdoor locations, because the heaters heat directly without losing heat through draughts – just as the sun makes us very warm on a bright day despite being millions of miles away. For infrared heating on a budget, traditional glowing patio heaters which use near-infrared provide an intense heat which feels a little like sitting near a fire. The most energy efficient form of infrared, used in our panel heaters and no glare outdoor heaters – is far infrared, which is the optimal wavelength for human comfort heating, and therefore the most efficient, because this form of infrared can be used at a low intensity whilst being fully absorbed by the body. Elsewhere our electric fires boast excellent energy efficiency with a realistic LED flame effect which costs a few pennies to run – and even our storage heaters feature modern innovations such as automatic charge regulators which help you to conserve power even whilst using the most basic electric heating solutions.


Electric central heating is also particularly well-adapted to use with heating control systems such as digital programmers and high-precision thermostats. All our energy efficient electric heaters are included with or are compatible with top quality controllers – we’re particularly proud of the Haverland designer range which boasts an electronic thermostat  accurate to half a degree. With thermostats on each individual heater, you’ll never have the classic gas central heating problem of a central thermostat which gives an unrepresentative temperature reading for the rest of the house. Heating control allows you to tailor your heating schedule to your lifestyle – an excellent way to make your heating economical, trimming down your energy usage to when it’s really needed. What’s more, DIY installation on all our wall mounted electric heaters can make you significant savings on plumbers’ and electricians’ bills – they’re easy to mount with basic DIY knowledge in under ten minutes.


But the most profound benefit of electric heating which truly makes it the heating solution of the future is its compatibility with eco-friendly fuels. As the world begins its inevitable shift to environmentally friendly sustainable energy sources, we will start to see a power network made up of wind turbines, solar panels and hydro-power plants. Because all these energy sources produce electric energy, perhaps by as little as 50 years electricity will be our sole source of power. When that time comes, eco electric heaters will everywhere, with carbon-neutral electric heating systems the norm in domestic, commercial and industrial properties everywhere. In the eco-friendly energy market of the future, perhaps it will be gas central heating radiators that seem old-fashioned...


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