Electric Heaters for the Upcoming Festive Period

Christmas Tree

Electric Heaters for the Upcoming Festive Period

The pumpkins have spoiled, the fireworks have fizzled out, and there’s an overwhelming urge to bulk-buy mince pies. It can only mean one thing: the lead-up to Christmas has begun, whether you like it or not. The season of frost, dark nights, and unexpected guests turning up and staying all weekend is finally here. This Christmas, the last thing you need is a cold, unheated room spoiling the festive cheer. At Electric Radiators Direct, we have the perfect solution: a plethora of inexpensive, easy-to-use, fast-acting electric heaters that are certain to make every room in your home warm, cosy, and completely Christmas-ready.

It most definitely is the time of the year when scarves are tightened and radiators are awakened. Morning frosts coat the ground and those abandoned spare rooms get hastily made up for visiting relatives, mothers-in-law, and passing friends who’ve had one too many of an evening and can’t drive themselves home. Those uninviting and chilly spare rooms will no doubt be seeing regular use in the coming weeks, so it might be a good idea to explore your options when it comes to occasional, on-demand heating. Luckily for you, we have a product or two that provides just that.

Panel Heating

Panel heaters are excellent at providing fast-acting warmth when you really need it most. Simple and effective, panel heaters can be lifesavers in the cooler winter months. To the untrained eye they look like standard electric radiators, with a super-slim body and classic white finish that will complement any design scheme. While these electric heaters may look like conventional electric radiators, they’re specifically designed for providing boosts of heat alongside your primary heating system. Panel heaters can be placed anywhere you feel a chill or know that your central heating isn’t quite cutting the mustard. Panel heaters provide an independent, portable, plug-in-and-go heating system that’ll make sure your Christmas guests leave with a warm, rosy smile on their faces.


The Ecostrad Eco Range


The Ecostrad Eco

An advanced panel heater, the Ecostrad Eco has all the functionality of a fully-fledged electric radiator for a fraction of the price. The Eco’s impressive integrated controls allow you to create a detailed 24/7 heating schedule, not something you’d expect to find on a heater of this price. Assign Comfort, Economy, and Anti-Frost heater modes to hourly intervals for a bespoke heating timetable that caters to your exact needs, perfect for keeping festive guests happy in the spare room. The Eco can be programmed via the free remote or through the simple push-buttons on the front of the heater. These controls can even be locked to prevent anyone from altering your hand-crafted schedule and setting the Eco to maximum all evening!

The Eco is manufactured out of lightweight aluminium and finished in a contemporary (and Christmassy) white, allowing it to slip unnoticed into any interior design scheme with ease. The Eco’s unobtrusive 55.5mm depth also frees up wall space in even the smallest of rooms, providing a versatile and subtle means of heat.


Ecostrad Eco 9 Electric Panel Radiator - 900w


The Ecostrad Eco uses convection to create warmth, a process where heating elements within the base of the heater warm up the air within a room. This method of heating is quick and effective, ideal for instantly instilling festive cheer into any space. Suitable for wall-mounting, with all the fixtures and fittings provided, or freestanding installation, with attachable feet provided, the Eco is ready to go from the second it’s been unwrapped – with no need for lengthy installation.  With four sizes to choose from, each offering varying levels of heat output, the Ecostrad Eco is the pinnacle of panel heating. Understated, effective, and fast-acting, for occasional heating there really isn’t any other product of its type worth considering.


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Alternatives to Panel Heating

Panel heaters are undeniably useful products for occasional heating. But what do you use if you need a bit more than just occasional heating? Perhaps you have a guest room that you know will see its fair share of Christmas-based use, or maybe you need an electric heater that’s a tad more substantial and able to function as a standalone, whole home heating system, when required? At Electric Radiators Direct, we stock an innovative range of infrared panels that are a bonafide step-up from panel heating. 


Herschel Select on wall


The Herschel Select

The Herschel Select Infrared Panel is the epitome of subtle home heating. Providing direct and penetrating warmth, the Select combines energy-efficient heat with understated styling: for heating spare bedrooms, infrared panels are a luxurious step-up from panel heaters.

The Herschel Select uses infrared radiation to provide warmth. ‘Radiation’ and ‘infrared’ sound like distinctly scary and un-Christmassy terms but they’re terms that describe one of the most natural ways to produce heat we have. Infrared heat is given off by everything, the warmth from the bulbs around the Christmas tree, the heat from freshly baked mince pies, and the warm feeling you get when you close your hands around a hot cup of mulled wine are all examples of infrared heat.

Select panels use infrared heat to warm objects and people directly, without relying on the air to carry the heat. Using radiation instead of convection means you can effectively heat your spare room without any of the heat escaping due to poor air circulation, draughts, or through opening and closing doors – an unfortunate feature of convection heaters. Infrared heat doesn’t agitate allergies either as no dust particles or allergens are disturbed by the infrared waves, saving any allergy-prone guests from coughs and splutters throughout the night. The type of infrared the Select panels use is easily absorbed into the skin, providing a penetrating warmth that can be felt on a deeper level than convected heat - so guests will feel naturally warm rather than artificially hot.

Herschel Select Panels are manufactured within a super slim 25mm housing and look more like picture frames than they do electric heaters – blending into any room’s aesthetic with a hidden heat-providing agenda. Constructed from a framed aluminium front panel and a durable steel backplate, Herschel Select panels come with EasyFix brackets that make wall-mounting a doddle. Simply screw the provided mounting plate onto the wall and slide and lock your panel in place – it couldn’t be any easier. Select panels also come with a standard UK plug, making them suitable for easy plug-in-and-go installation, ideal if you have visitors en-route as we speak.


Herschel Select Infrared Heating Panel - White 350w (595 x 595mm)


The only initial downside is that infrared panels don’t come with integrated controls. For the best results, we always recommend purchasing an additional thermostat or controller for use with your infrared panel. This grants you more control, allowing you to adjust the operating temperature of your panel, potentially saving you money on running costs.

For additional heating, infrared panels are a superb and unique alternative – discreet, stylish, and highly energy-efficient, the Herschel Select is a definite contender as a spare room electric heater. In fact, the Select is a contender as a heating system for almost any room.


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So, there you have it, two distinctly different approaches for heating guest rooms over the hectic Christmas period. The low-cost Ecostrad Eco, a versatile panel heater with advanced controls, and the Herschel Select, a subtle infrared panel for a more refined household. Both products will ensure your guest bedrooms are warm and inviting this festive season. Whichever you choose, make sure to find the specific product pages on our website for more information.