Designer Electric Radiators | Effortlessly Enhancing your Interiors

Our homes are our castles and we can spend years trying to make the perfect interiors for our properties, carefully selecting furniture and decorative touches that bring a theme together. Your décor can say a lot about your personality and making your living space a reflection of yourself can be immensely satisfying. When designing your schemes, there’s often one key aspect of the room that gets overlooked: your heating system. This is often because we assume there’s not much we can do with it; maybe it’s too old fashioned and needs updating or perhaps it’s an obtrusive eyesore on a prominent wall. Designer electric radiators have sleek, attractive casings and provide more versatile installation possibilities over traditional gas systems. Let’s take a look at how electric radiators can be incorporated into a range of room types and design schemes.

Homes with Period Accents

High Ceilinged RoomIf you live in an older property with lovely period features, it can sometimes be difficult to keep it warm because of higher ceilings or single glazed windows. No matter how much you update the interior, you may feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to heating as vintage radiators can struggle to keep your rooms at an ideal temperature. For rooms that are difficult to heat, the Haverland Inerzia is a product specially designed to make even the most awkward of spaces toasty. The lightweight dry stone elements in the radiator body heat up rapidly and can push out a level of warmth with more intensity than other models, warming open plan areas with ease. Not only are the stone elements excellent thermal conductors, they also retain heat well which means that they need less electricity to keep at a constant temperature. Efficient and elegantly understated, the Inerzia will keep your period property warm without detracting from your home’s traditional feel.

Statement Colours

Statement WallIn situations where you can’t avoid having a radiator in a prominent area, you might feel like your radiator is an irritating blot on the wall that you can’t ignore. The answer to this problem is simple: instead of trying to hide it, make it a feature! Painting a wall a bright statement colour provides a pleasing contrast for white objects, and against this background your radiator will look exceptionally striking. Our designer electric radiators will fit into any contemporary design aesthetic and have low-maintenance, stylish white housings that are especially durable. They’re also so easy to mount and dismount that painting your wall will be a breeze, and is a much more mess-free process than trying to get behind a gas central heating radiator. Don’t hide your heater; let it be an accent of white in your modern design scheme.

Harmonising Neutrals

Minimalist Living RoomIf bright, eye-catching colours aren’t your thing, you can always use neutrals to create a relaxing contemporary feel to your home where your heating system can seamlessly blend in. Off-whites and cream tones are easy on the eyes and allow your electric radiator to sit unnoticed in the background. Particularly effective in more minimalist room layouts, models such as the Haverland RC Wave will complement this style with its stylish, undulated casing. Not only does it look good, it’s energy efficient too! The dry thermal technology heats your room quickly and the 24/7 digital programming functionality is an asset to the modern household, allowing users to tailor their heating around their lifestyles. The RC Wave is a boon for smaller rooms as its 7.5cm deep housing intrudes minimally into any space. Creating a harmonised, understated colour scheme can help your heating system become part of your simple, uncluttered aesthetic.

Cosy Family Spaces

Cosy Living RoomMinimalist interiors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and a lot of people are more likely to have a traditional living room full of trinkets and doodads that serves as the family hub. Cosy family spaces are lovely havens of warm fabrics and soft furnishings to throw yourself onto at the end of the day. In these types of space, you may want a designer radiator that combines both form and function to cope with the varying demands of a bigger household. The SmartWave is an electric radiator that will provide precision warmth without any complex programming, as its self-learning technology will do the hard work for you. Its sensors know if the room is unoccupied and will start to learn your schedule over the course of a week as you come and go from the room. If you want your living room to be warm for when the kids come home from school, the SmartWave will pre-heat the space, and if it senses nobody there when it expects to, it will switch off after 30 minutes to save energy. The SmartWave will enhance any interior, be it modern or traditional, and offers convenience and style for any living space.

Lovingly crafted interiors shouldn’t be let down by their heating systems and our designer electric radiators will provide affordable elegance and reliable warmth. However you decide to incorporate it into your room, electric radiators offer greater heating customisation options for your house and can help you reduce your bills by effectively zoning your heating. Browse our fantastic range of products at Electric Radiators Direct and find a designer radiator to fit your unique style.


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