Conservatory Radiators: Choosing Heaters For Your Home

Conservatory HeatersWhen choosing heating solutions for your conservatory, there’s so much choice it can be hard to know where to start. Electric heating is ideal for conservatories because you can control your heating separately from the rest of the house without needing to extend your plumbing work system. But which of our energy efficient conservatory heaters would be the best choice for your property? Take a look at our case studies to find out which heaters homeowners like you chose for their conservatories:


“I’m Isaac and I’m planning a Victorian style dwarf wall conservatory for our detached 19th century property. My wife and I intend to use the conservatory all year round as a second sitting room. Which electric heating solution would you recommend for my conservatory?”

Isaac’s Victorian conservatory is the ideal location for our dedicated Haverland Conservatory Radiator. The radiator is specially designed to fit onto conservatory dwarf walls with a height of only 38cms. The elegant contemporary design looks sophisticated in the most aesthetically sensitive period homes. Full 24/7 digital programming will allow Isaac to set up a heating schedule which heats his conservatory in the most efficient way possible: getting the conservatory warm for an evening in the sitting room and conserving energy for the rest of the day.


“My name’s Becky and I’m building a conservatory gym on the back of my home in a modern estate. The conservatory will be Edwardian style with brick struts between the windows on the side walls. What will be the best heating solution for my new exercise space?”

A gym is a great use for a conservatory because it’s one of the easiest places to keep cool – especially if your back garden is north facing. For most of the year, Becky probably won’t need heating in her conservatory because she will be keeping herself warm on the treadmill! However, for those colder months we recommend a budget patio heater to take the edge of the chill. Becky can purchase a La Hacienda wall mounted patio heater for just £59.99, mount it on one of the brick struts and enjoy on-demand heating whenever she needs it. At the touch of a button the heater will produce instantaneous heat – which Becky can switch off as soon as she’s worked up a sweat. Ideal for on-demand short bursts of heat.


“Hi, I’m Mike. I’m building a double hip conservatory with a plasterboard roof on the back of our modern home. It’s going to be a games room for our teenagers so, trust me, it’s going to be used all year round! Can you help me find an energy efficient heating solution for my conservatory?”

Fitting a conservatory with a plasterboard roof is an excellent way to improve its heat retention – so Mike’s already well on track to an energy efficient home. The solid roof is also a great opportunity to fit infrared panels – one of the most stylish and efficient heating solutions on the market today. The panels can be mounted on the ceiling, for ultimate space saving, from which they provide directed radiant heat like the heat from the sun.


“I’m Xanthe and I’m planning a conservatory as a family breakfast room. I’ve chosen a gabled conservatory to nestle between the L-shaped walls at the back of our modern house. I want to be able to use the conservatory all year round – to enjoy the snowdrops and the sunflowers while I eat my toast! Do you have efficient heaters for the job?”

Xanthe’s conservatory will have two solid brick walls so she can make her choice from our range of wall mounted electric heaters. It’s the perfect opportunity to install our best-selling RCWave electric radiators. With 24/7 programming options, Xanthe can schedule her heating to warm the conservatory ready for the family breakfast. The high precision thermostat will ensure that the room is kept up to temperature even in the chilly winter months.


“Hi, I’m Umar and I’m planning a lean-to conservatory as a solarium for my exotic plant collection. I need to ensure consistent levels of heat throughout the year. What’s the best heating solution for my conservatory?”

Umar needs a controllable, efficient, plant-friendly heating solution – so what could be better than a far infrared heater? Far infrared heaters use a natural form of heat which is the same wavelength as the radiation from the sun. This makes it the natural choice for plant heating. Umar’s plants will absorb and re-radiate the directed heat, ensuring that moisture cannot settle on the leaves, preventing plant rot and fungus. Herschel IR2 Far Infrared Heaters mounted at the highest point of the conservatory will efficiently heat the lean-to all year round.


“I’m Phil and I’m building a large P-shaped conservatory as a workshop for my many hobbies. The conservatory cost me an arm and leg so I’ve not got much left over for heating. What’s the cheapest electric heater you can recommend for my conservatory?”

A large conservatory can be difficult to heat because a lot of heat is lost through the glass windows and plastic ceilings. The best choice for Phil if he wants to minimise his heating costs is to use a portable infrared heater to provide a heat zone around whichever workstation he’s using. This removes the need to heat the entire space but should still keep Phil toasty and warm as he works on his projects. Our cheapest free standing patio heater is the La Hacienda Standing Patio Heater, available for just £79.99.


For more information about infrared heating for conservatories, check out the orangery heating case study on the Herschel homepage – an expert guide to infrared conservatory fitting. For more information on any of our infrared products, give our experts sales team a call on 0330 300 4444.




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