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Cheap Electric HeatersLet’s be frank – heating is boring. Being warm is a wonderful thing, helping you live a happy and healthy lifestyle where discomfort never gets in the way of your productivity. But there aren’t many people who would actually confess to enjoying buying radiators. We love our stylish, energy efficient radiators – but we know that calculating a wattage, weighing up installation costs and researching an electric heating strategy just isn’t quite as fun as hitting the high street to find that perfect maxi dress, or the high-tech trainers of your dreams. None of us like spending our hard-earned cash on heaters – so how can we spend as little as possible?

There are two main factors which influence our spending when we buy electric central heating systems: the purchase cost of the heaters, and their monthly running costs – dictated by the efficiency of the products you choose. This makes buying electric heating systems a careful balancing act between choosing cheap heaters that are expensive to run and spending a lot on an efficient product that costs very little to run. The cheapest electric central heating products are usually a poor choice for entire home heating – you’ll quickly see the running costs exceeding the initial purchase price. But for rooms with specific heating requirements and little-used spaces, a cheap electric heater can be the most economical choice for keeping warm throughout the year. Read on to view our cheapest electric heating products!

Cheapest Patio Heater: Ecostrad Heatglo Infrared Patio Heater 2kw – £149.99

Ecostrad HeatgloAn outdoor patio heater is a fantastic luxury, helping you make the most of your back garden throughout the cooler months. But most of us will only use a patio heater at certain times of the year – so it’s a luxury we can rarely justify spending much money on. The Ecostrad Heatglo is our cheapest patio heater and provides heat instantaneously, keeping you warm with invigorating directed heat. Its amber bulb generates a gentle warmth and soft lighting, making it the perfect addition to any patio or garden area. The Heatglo is cheap and easy way to revitalise your garden into a social space through the spring and summer – even when the temperature drops.

Cheapest Commercial Outdoor Heater: Herschel Advantage IR2 Far Infrared Heater 1300w – £269.99

Herschel Advantage IR2Commercial spaces are a little more specialised when it comes to heating requirements. The heat needs to be gentle enough for long periods of use but still robust enough to cope with cooler outdoor temperatures – which is why many businesses are starting to turn to infrared for effective outdoor heating. The Herschel Advantage IR2 is a ceramic infrared heater with a high output capable of delivering mellow longwave infrared over a larger area. It’s particularly effective in spacious commercial interiors like workshops, warehouses and showrooms but is also just as effective used in sheltered outdoor spaces like balconies, terraces or covered loading bays. Another plus point for the Advantage IR2 is that it doesn’t produce any light when in operation so customers and employees won’t even notice they’re installed.

Cheapest Electric Towel Rail: White Ecostrad Fina-E Electric Towel Rail 150w - £69.99

Fina-E WhiteTowel rails were once considered an expensive luxury but today they’re affordable additions for any household. The white Ecostrad Fina-E is part of our budget heating range. With a classic ladder design, this towel rail is stylish and offers enough space for a couple of towels. Simple but smart, the Fina-E is a dedicated towel-heating solution, featuring a smart white finish that perfectly integrates with bathrooms and en-suites of all styles. Filled with heat-retentive thermal fluid, the Fina-E stays warmer for longer and is a low-cost way of keeping you and your towels toasty. 

Cheapest Panel Heater: Ecostrad iQ Glass Electric Panel Heater with WiFi Control 200w - £149.99

iQ GlassPanel heaters are basic, easy to use heaters which are cheap to manufacture and purchase. They are convection heaters which heat by pushing warm air around the room. This may not be the most efficient way to heat, but with easy DIY installation and simple on-demand heating control, panel heaters make an excellent choice if you want to heat a room independently from a house-wide central heating system. With a sleek and slimline design and a powerful 2000w output the Ecostrad iQ Glass is not only perfect for guest rooms and home offices, it’s also great for larger domestic or commercial spaces. Though it’s our cheapest panel heater, you won’t be losing out in terms of controllability as the iQ glass supports advanced WiFi control through the SmartLife app, so you can easily program your heating with a compatible smartphone or tablet, or pair it up with Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control.


Cheapest Electric Radiator: Haverland RC Wave RC3W Electric Radiator 450w – £199.99

Haverland RC Wave RC3W Electric RadiatorElectric radiators, unlike our bathroom heaters and convection heaters, are not merely intended for single room usage – they can be used as economical heating systems throughout the home. This means that energy efficiency becomes a lot more important than in our cheaper products. We don’t sell extremely cheap electric radiators because we’re realistic about running costs – and we know that efficiency is important for the environment as well as your home heating budget. There’s no point spending very little on your radiators to discover that you can’t afford astronomical running costs. So, whilst our Haverland RC3W is our lowest priced electric radiator, that doesn’t mean that it’s poor quality. The RC Wave features energy-efficient dry thermal technology, a full range of heating control systems – including high precision thermostat and 24/7 programming – as well as a stylish design that looks good throughout the home. If you want to learn more about our bestselling range of RC Wave electric radiators, you can read more about them here. As sole UK stockist, you won’t find better prices anywhere else!


Cheapest Storage Heater: Elnur Ecombi SSH158 WiFi Controlled Storage Heater 0.9kw - £499.99

Elnur Ecombi SSH158Storage heaters are traditional home heating solutions which remain popular today. Although storage heaters are no longer the most efficient heating products on the market, their use of the Economy 7 tariff means they can still provide economical heating if you know they suit your lifestyle. The Elnur Ecombi SSH158 is our cheapest storage heater, with optional WiFi control and energy-saving features such as open window detection and adaptive start. With the automatic charge regulator, you can modify the amount of heat charged up overnight and the intensity of the heat that’s released during the day and use the digital thermostat to regulate room temperature. The Elnur Ecombi SSH158 is one of our most sophisticated storage heaters yet.

Cheapest Infrared Panel: Herschel Select Infrared Heating Panel 350w – £188.99

Herschel Select Infrared PanelInfrared panels are some of our most economical electric heaters. They use radiant heat to warm people and objects directly with minimal heat loss through draughts or air circulation. Infrared panels are stylish as well as efficient and are extremely versatile when it comes to installation. The Herschel Select 350w is our smallest and cheapest infrared panel. Using gentle far infrared, it will create a luxuriously comfortable heating zone up to 8m², perfect for bathrooms or small rooms around the house. The Select’s ultra-slim housing is as deep as a picture frame at 25mm and is an excellent option if you need to maximise room space. The 595x595mm dimensions of this particular infrared panel also means it can be suspended in office ceiling grids for effective workplace heating.


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