Can I Make My House Warm Up Faster?

Warm your house up fasterUnfortunately, the answer is no, regardless of how high you set it and whether it’s electric heating or gas. For example, if you want your temperature to be around 20C degrees, and you set up your thermostat to 26C degrees, your heaters will still take the same amount of time to reach 20C. Afterwards, because you set it up for 26C degrees, your heater will simply overshoot and keep going until it reaches the ‘desired’ temperature. Setting your thermostat really high will not make a difference in how fast it works, but rather make your electric heater work harder and consume more energy, thus affecting your energy bills.


We are certainly unable to stop your boiler overshooting, but we can offer you products that will heat up much faster than water-filled radiators. Our electric radiators and most of our electric heaters come with high precision thermostats and useful ‘smart’ timers. Thermostats available with our electric radiators and heaters are accurate to within half a degree, so the heater will switch on and off to maintain the perfect temperature, not allowing your electric heater to overwork. This way, your electric heating will be on only for a fraction of time, reducing your energy bills while having no negative impact on the temperature in your house. The timers featured in our electric heaters allow you to set up separate programmes for each day and hour. For example, with our RC Wave Designer Electric Radiator you can programme your radiators to turn on an hour before you come home, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and cosiness the moment you step inside. These two features combined are a perfect way of saving money on your electric heating while giving you unlimited control over your heating schedule.


Electric radiators that are too small for your room can also have an impact on your energy bills. Unfortunately, customers who choose an electric heater based on its price and not the size they need may soon discover that their energy bills are not going down, despite switching to electric heating. Because your electric heater will be too weak to heat up a space bigger than it was designed for, it will have to work really hard to keep up the temperature by turning on more frequently and working for longer. Naturally, this will impact the energy it consumes and affect your energy bills. Use our radiator calculator to work out what size radiator your room needs.  


Finally, one of the most common causes of your energy bills being unnecessarily high is bad insulation. In this case, no matter how powerful and economic your electric heaters are, they will struggle to keep up the temperature when heat is simply leaking out. By combining good insulation with smart programming features available in our electric heaters and appropriately sized radiator, savings you’ll made over the course of a year will be impressive.  


If you’re interested in one of our best electric heaters that features a highly accurate thermostat and a smart timer, why not try our best-selling RC Wave electric radiator? This electric heater combines the most recent heating technology on the market in a slim contemporary body. By following the tips above, this energy efficient electric heater could turn out to be one of your best investments for the years to come!   




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