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"Britain is a nation of hobbyists—eccentric amateurs, talented part-timers, Pooterish potterers and dedicated autodidacts in every field of human endeavour.” (Stephen Fry, The Ode Less Travelled)

Garage and Workshop Heating

In the fond words of Stephen Fry, we are a nation of hobbyists – and I think each of us dreams of that little place of our own where we can escape from the hubbub of home life to focus on those projects dear to our hearts. A designer’s den, a scientist’s sanctuary, a writer’s workshop, a crafter’s cave – a space dedicated to the pursuit of our favourite hobbies. It’s fun to fantasise about that luxury workspace cut off from the rest of the world, equipped with everything you need to crack on with creating. An extravagant reading room, perhaps, with glittering golden bookshelves navigated by a sliding library ladder. A luxury hand-crafted yurt with cosy corners for sewing, stitching and stuffing. A secret underground laboratory with bubbling chemistry sets, intricate conveyor belts and plenty of space for explosions! 

Unfortunately, for most of us, if we’re lucky enough to have our own workspace, it’s rarely ever that glamorous. Perhaps you’ve set up a ramshackle man cave in the shed in your back garden; maybe you’ve claimed a corner of the conservatory for your lady’s laboratory; maybe the attic is serving as the nerve centre of your crafty endeavours; or perhaps a couple of benches in the garage is all the space you can spare for your beloved workshop. Well, never mind, we’re a pragmatic bunch, we work with what we’ve got – and one of the best ways to make the best of a bad space is to make sure you can get comfortable in it. We don’t want to be worrying about the goosebumps on our arms when we’ve got novels to write, atoms to split and stripy cardigans to knit.

So, how to heat the damp, draughty, ramshackle spaces that we use as workshops? Well, let’s be honest about it – the main consideration is always going to be price. If you’re like the majority of us, you scrimp and save, budgeting on life’s minor essentials to put every penny towards our beloved hobbies. Yes we could pay that little bit extra to enjoy optimum comfort from top quality heaters… but we could also spend that on some more of that vintage fabric, another metre of track for the model train set, or that latest processor for the home-built computer. Sound like you? Then heaters from our budget patio heater range could provide that cheap boost of heat to transform your grimy garage into a cosy, productive workspace.

Ecostrad Sunglo Portable HeaterBest Low-Cost Heaters for Garages & Workshops

Using conventional convection heaters – such as gas radiators or panel heaters – is a very expensive way to heat garages, sheds and draughty workshops. This is because these heaters work by filling a space with hot air – and in a large space where heat is constantly escaping through draughts, you need a large volume of air which is constantly topped-up. Infrared avoids this problem by heating with radiant heat which directly warms everything in the field of heating – regardless of the motion of the air. This allows you to cheaply create heating “zones” wherever heat is needed. This is ideal in a workshop, where you can direct heat to each workstation you can expect to use.

There are two main options when choosing budget workshop heating. For the ultra-economist, a portable free standing patio heater could satisfy your heating requirements for even the roomiest workshop. You can simply move the heater from station to station as you move around the workshop. Our low glare quartz heaters provide heat almost instantaneously, so you can easily move the heater from your planning desk to your crafting table and be warm again in minutes. If you’re looking for a slightly more convenient option that doesn’t require you to keep moving your heater, wall mounted patio heaters are the ideal solution. We offer wall mounted ceramic heaters such as the Herschel Advantage and Aspect series which will provide gentle yet robust heat ideal for chilly garage and workshop spaces. These no glare heaters produce no light when in operation and their radiant heat is mellow enough for all-day comfort heating. Ceramic heaters are among some of the cheapest wall mounted solutions. View the full wall mounted heater collection to choose between heaters suitable for areas large and small, for dry or exposed areas, and in a range of colours and styles.

It’s cheap, it’s simple – but an indoor patio heater could make the difference between a chilly workshop you can only use in summer and a cosy workspace that can be your sanctuary all year round. For more details of our workshop and garage heating solutions, give our expert sales team a call on 0330 300 4444.

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