Best Electric Radiators For My Home: Period Properties

Best Electric Heaters for Period PropertiesYesterday we shared with you heating profiles for four unique homeowners with recommendations for the best energy efficient heaters to heat their very different homes. It soon became apparent, however, that our four profiles had only scratched the surface of contemporary home heating! In today’s installment, we’ll be focusing on homeowners whose heating choices are as much determined by style as they are by energy efficiency. From households with a traditional design scheme to period properties and homes with classic architectural features, we’re here to help you heat your homes discretely, stylishly and economically.


Hi, my name’s Kate and I’m looking for the best electric radiators for my retro 1970’s flat. I’m obsessed with interior design and want to find efficient heaters which fit my design scheme but don’t carry the 20th century running costs!

The contemporary design of our most popular radiator ranges isn’t for everyone – or for every property! With that in mind we recommend the Electrorad Digi-Line range. Indistinguishable from traditional central heating radiators, the Digi-Line uses fast acting electrical elements and cutting edge thermal fluid technology to distribute heat evenly across the room. For ultimate control, the Digi-Line can be purchased with a central programmer – allowing Kate to set up a heating schedule that suits her lifestyle from the comfort of her vintage G-plan sofa!


I’m Una and I’ve just finished renovating a Grade II listed country home. I’m struggling to provide efficient heating for many of the rooms which have high-ceilings and wide open spaces. Where can I find the best electric heaters for my home?

Heating high-ceilinged spaces is a classic conundrum in home heating. To produce enough heat to fill large volumes of space you need powerful radiators, and to prevent your heating bills inflating your need heating elements with excellent heat retention properties. The Haverland Inerzia range of wall mounted radiators is an ideal choice for homes such as Una’s. Lightweight ceramic stones in the body of the radiators heat up fast and push heat into the furthest corners of your high-ceilinged space. The slim-line contemporary design means the radiators can be wall mounted discretely in alcoves and between chimney breasts. Non-invasive electrical installation minimises the damage done to walls with period features, helping Una preserve the historical integrity of her home.


Hello, I’m Christopher and I’m searching for a discrete and efficient electric heater for my conservatory. The conservatory is a traditionally styled solarium that backs onto our 19th century home and looks over landscaped grounds.

Finding the best conservatory heater for your home can be a difficult task, trying to balance effective heating with practical installation with style. Created specifically to solve this problem is our Haverland RC12B conservatory radiator. This efficient electric heater uses a specially formulated thermal fluid to comfortably heat even the most poorly insulated conservatory – and with extensive programming options you can make sure you’re only heating when needed, preventing the conservatory becoming an unnecessary energy drain on your house. Non-invasive plug-in or hardwired installation is ideal for conservatories, whilst the elegant contemporary design with plain white finish suits the radiator for discrete fitting in the most aesthetically sensitive environments.


My name’s Amina and I’m looking for an efficient electric central heating system for my home. I want to conserve its 18th century character as far as I can – do you have any heaters which can be fitted invisibly? Am I hoping for the impossible?

Amina’s heating hopes may seem fanciful – but in the modern world of electric heating, ultra-discrete heating solutions have become a reality. In Amina’s case we would recommend slimline infrared panels. Radiant infrared panels lead the market in energy efficient heating versatility, with extensive design and installation options. At only 2.5cms deep and with a discrete white coating, the panels can be wall hung or ceiling mounted – becoming almost invisible as they blend into the wall, or are hidden away above your head! Another option is to print the panel with the image of your choice – hiding the heater in plain sight, disguised as a photograph or a work of art. Amina could use her infrared panels to accessorise her home with 18th century artwork! 


Choosing heating products for listed buildings, period properties and aesthetically sensitive interiors can be difficult, but Electric Radiators Direct are here to help you along the way. For more information on our stylish and economical electric radiators, give our expert sales team a call today on 0330 880 8383.




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