Best Electric Heaters for Student Residences

Best Electric Heaters for StudentsIf you tuned in for Tuesday’s blog, you’ll have read all about the challenges of heating student accommodation – and how electric heating can provide an economical solution. But once you’ve decided upon electricity as an energy efficient and effective student hall heating system, you’ll face another decision – what type of electric heaters to use? At Electric Radiators Direct you’ll find a wide range of electric heating products with something for every budget, offering plenty of choices for student accommodation developers. We’re here to talk you through our top suggestions…


Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are a fantastic, reliable choice for student accommodation. All the products in our Haverland range feature advanced heating control systems, including high-precision digital thermostats and 24/7 controllers, so you can align all the radiators in the building to operate on a standard heating schedule – with temperatures regulated to a constant level, no matter what the individual heating requirements of each room. Radiators in cooler rooms – i.e. north facing rooms – will simply stay switched on for longer than radiators in warmer rooms. Our radiators are sturdy and durable, with a strong aluminium body which comes with a lifetime guarantee. All our radiators are suitable for fast, easy electrical installation which will be much faster and cheaper than installing or maintaining gas central heating.


Electric Panel Heaters

Electric panel heaters are a cheaper alternative to electric radiators because they heat purely by convection. Panel heaters are not usually recommended as a primary heat source in homes because they are inherently less efficient and after prolonged use the convection process can cause staining to the walls. However, student residences have different requirements and living standards to family homes. For one thing, student halls, by their very nature, typically value function over fashion: with students calling their bedrooms home for little more than a year, the importance of the internal décor is minimal. The halls are also more likely to be regularly redecorated. For these two reasons, the wall blackening associated with panel heaters is much less of an issue than in conventional homes. Indeed, many student halls across the country still use old fashioned storage heaters which, as convection heaters, can cause wall blackening. Using panel heaters will give you slightly higher running costs than electric radiators, but if a cheaper initial purchase price is the priority, panel heaters are the more economical choice. Our high-tech Haverland Lodel Panel Heaters are a great compromise; unusually, for panel heaters, they come equipped with many of the money saving features found on our radiators, including precision thermostats and 24/7 programmers, so you can adapt your panel heaters to a standard heating schedule just as you would with radiators.


Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared heating panels are top-of-the-range electric heaters which offer one the most energy efficient heating systems available on today’s market. Heating purely by radiation, they heat people and objects directly, with very little wasted energy. Another main advantage of infrared heating panels is that they are ultra slim line, at only 2.5cm thick, and are suitable for a variety of installation option including mounting on the ceiling. This makes them a great choice if you’re concerned about students knocking or breaking radiators – it’s much harder to accidentally damage your heaters when they’re mounted on the ceiling!


Heating Student Bathrooms

Electric towel rails are a particularly good choice for student bedrooms because getting laundry dry in student residences is a notorious problem! How many of us look back at our student days and remember ducking under sodden sheets hung from an optimistic string washing line strung across the room? Or tripping over overladen clothes racks squashed into that small space in front of the door? An electric towel rail is not only an efficient way to extend electric heating into the bathroom – it also provides a quick drying strategy for troublesome items such as heavy jeans, bathroom towels and thick socks. Reducing drying times will help keep damp at bay, another important advantage for buildings where the ratio of water usage to the building size is particularly high.


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