Bathroom Heating For Off-Grid Houses

Ecostrad Fina-E Electric Towel RailIf your home is in a remote location you are more likely to experience fuel poverty than households in urban, suburban or semi-urban locations. This pattern, regularly re-confirmed by energy watchdogs and government surveys, can be attributed to the reduced fuel choices available when living off the gas network. Households unable to use gas central heating are all-too-often struggling on with old fashioned storage heaters, which are not always effective and are no longer the most economical choice for non-gas customers. Last week we discussed how switching to energy efficient electric radiators could revolutionise home heating for households off the gas network. But what about bathroom heating? Today we share our most economical bathroom heating ideas for homes in remote areas.

Electric Radiators for BathroomsEcostrad Ascoli White

If you’re installing electric radiators throughout your home then why not extend the system to your bathroom? All of the products in our range of bathroom electric radiators are splash-proof and suitable for installation in bathrooms, washrooms and cloakrooms provided they are fitted an adequate distance from open water sources and are wired into a fused spur by a professional electrician. You can use our radiators’ in-depth control facilities to set up a heating programme that delivers heat to your bathroom when you need it – perhaps first thing in the morning and later in the evening – reducing power wasted heating the bathroom when you’re out of the house. Space-saving is critical in bathroom environments so we recommend our Ecostrad Ascoli range: at only 5cm deep these slimline, designer radiators make an ideal choice, leaving plenty of room if your bathroom’s a little on the small side. A straightforward, effective, energy efficient bathroom heating solution

Electric Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Ecostrad Fina-E Blue Electric towel radiators are not too dissimilar from standard electric radiators in the way they generate heat – but the all-important ladder design allows you to save space in your bathroom, keep your towels warm and cosy and stave off residual damp. Electric heated towel rails are ideal for larger family bathrooms because they can produce enough warmth to heat the entire room whilst reducing problems with damp caused by lingering soggy towels. Our towel rails come with a range of control options to help you manage the heat use in your bathroom economically. Towel rails with thermostats ensure that warmth is kept precisely at your desired temperature for comfortable, consistent and efficient warmth you can depend on. This means you can remain fully in control of your bathroom heating. Towel rails with remote control allow you to prepare for a bathroom visit without leaving the comfort of your chair. If you’re planning a bath in half an hour you can use the remote to switch on the towel rail and get the bathroom toasty and warm before you step inside. Or you can kick it up a notch and select one of our smart electric towel rails like the Ecostrad Fina-E Blue, which allows you to control your bathroom heating through Bluetooth. With a compatible app you can adjust the temperature of your heater and even set up a weekly heating schedule all from your smartphone. An ever popular bathroom heating strategy that’s both practical and stylish.

Infrared Mirror Panels for Bathrooms

Herschel Select XLS Infrared mirror panels use sophisticated technology to provide luxurious, thorough-going heat for bathrooms both large and small. Ultra slim infrared panels can be mounted on the wall or ceiling from where they heat using far infrared radiation – the most natural and efficient form of infrared available on the heating market. Infrared panels are available in a variety of sizes so can be a viable heating solution for bathrooms both large and small. Heating purely by radiation means that heat is delivered directly, so much less heat is lost through draughts and dehumidifying fans than with ordinary convection heaters or radiators. This makes them an economical choice for older, draughtier bathrooms – handy if you live in a picturesque stone cottage! Infrared radiation is absorbed and re-radiated from every surface in the room which prevents condensation from forming on the walls – a great way to reduce problems with damp. Although our infrared panels are available in a range of stylish designs our mirror infrared panels have proved most popular in bathrooms. The mirror panels can be used just like an ordinary mirror – except that this is one mirror that won’t fog up, no matter how long you shower for! A useful time saver if you like to use the bathroom mirror to shave or apply make up in the mornings. Infrared mirror panels are luxury bathroom heaters which use some of the most energy efficient heating technology on the market today.

All of our electric bathroom heating products can be used in conjunction with electricity generated from sustainable resources, making our products the number one choice for homes in remote locations looking to save some money on their electricity by fitting a private wind turbine or solar panels. For more information about our energy efficient bathroom heating solutions give our expert sales team a call on 0330 300 4444.

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