Autumn DIY Projects

Autumn DIY ProjectsOctober is finally here and, for many of us, that means quite a change of lifestyle. As the evenings grow shorter, temperatures fall and blustery winds disturb mountains of yellowing leaves, we come in from the garden, pack away our summer sports gear and reacquaint ourselves with the pastimes of colder months. For DIY enthusiasts autumn can be the perfect time to catch up on those essential home improvements. Taking on a DIY heating upgrade is an ideal task for autumn, keeping you busy in October whilst protecting your comfort and safe-guarding your heating bills in December. Here are four of our favourite DIY heating projects for autumn:


1 – The Big Heating Re-Fit

It’s been coming a while. Having lived through another winter with noisy, clanking radiators failing to heat your home or ancient, expensive storage heaters leaving you in the lurch whenever the temperature drops, you know it’s finally time to re-fit your heating – to ensure your comfort and safeguard your finances when winter hits. An electric central heating system will give you top level energy efficiency, unsurpassed controllability and responsive comfort in each room. Fitting an electric central heating system is a quick and easy job that won’t leave the house cold in these colder autumn months. Our DIY plug in electric radiators can be fitted by hand in less than 10 minutes – all you need to do is screw them to the wall and plug them into the nearest socket. Even if you’re fitting an electric towel rail into the bathroom all you’ll need is a quick visit from a qualified electrician. Refurbishing your home with electric heating couldn’t be easier, quicker or cheaper.


2 – Replace Storage Heaters

Maybe you can’t afford to revamp your entire heating system, but you can certainly target those essential spaces to make sure you’ve got comfort where it matters this winter. If old fashioned storage heaters have been letting you down, replacing with an electric radiator is a quick and easy job that will boost your comfort and save you a little money on your heating bills. Got a storage heater in the kitchen that pushes out heat exactly when you don’t need it? Switch to an electric radiator. With programmable control and a highly accurate thermostat you can set the radiator to come on at only the times you need – whilst the thermostat will ensure you don’t waste energy heating the room whenever it’s toasty warm already from your cooking endeavours. Frustrated by the storage heater in your bedroom kicking out heat when you’re trying to sleep? Switch to an electric radiator and programme it to warm the room only when you’re coming to bed and getting up in the morning.


3 – Revive Your Garden with a Patio Heater

It may be getting colder, but your garden looks no less splendid in the autumn than in the summer. On the contrary, the vibrant autumn colours can make our gardens more beautiful than at any other time of the year – if only it were warm enough for us to enjoy them. An outdoor patio heater can help you out of the conundrum by providing you with a source of warmth that makes it possible once more to enjoy evenings socialising on your patio, whatever the autumn temperatures. A freestanding patio heater is a straightforward purchase that you simply assemble wherever you need heat and plug into an extension cable. A wall mounted patio heater is a more permanent solution which you’ll need help from a professional electrician to install – our heaters are weatherproof but not if you’ve fitted it incorrectly! Before long you’ll be adding some interest to your October with long evenings outside enjoying the autumn atmosphere.


4 – Refurbish Your Bathroom

You don’t tend to think about the warmth of your bathroom during the summer months. As long as the hot water’s running you can march into your bath or shower without a second thought about your comfort – you might even have the window open to reduce damp! But as soon as it gets chilly in the mornings the comfort of your bathroom becomes a very different matter. Who else knows the feeling of reluctantly getting undressed for a bath or shower because of a damp and chilly atmosphere in your bathroom? A poorly heated bathroom is a miserable place to be in winter, giving you chills as you get changed and spreading damp as your towels fail to dry. An electric heated towel rail can make all the difference – filling the room with a comfortable level of heat and ensuring your towels dry as fast as possible. Even if your house uses gas central heating, an electric towel rail in your bathroom can be a good choice because it allows you to control your bathroom heating separate from the rest of the house – ideal in summer when you want to warm your towels without engaging the house heating.


Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow for four more ideas for autumn DIY projects to heat your home in winter! For more information about our electric radiators, heated towel rails and outdoor patio heaters speak to our friendly sales team on 0330 300 4444.




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