Decorating a Bathroom on a Budget

Decorating a bathroom on a budget means just that;

Decorating bathroom budget

 you don’t have to break the bank… The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and takes a fair old bashing, (depending on the amount of people who live there of course). There are lots of ways to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom, as a starting point, a new coat of paint is just the ticket.


Investing in a designer electric towel rail to replace an old radiator is a fantastic way to give an immediate upgrade, giving the appearance of show home-quality. A chrome towel rail adds a bit of shine and sparkle to a downtrodden bathroom. Budget wise, a well-designed towel rail can cost as little as eighty pounds. For those who can afford a little extra and want to make a bit of a statement then there are some fantastic quirky electric towel rails out there that will totally transform the look of the room.


If you decide to replace your radiator and use chrome for example, then polished chrome taps look sleek, minimalistic and modern and appeal to the most ardent critic, (which usually means you), and are mass produced so are not likely to cost a fortune.


Mirrors are a great way to add wall art to a room. For a relaxed or casual look use round or oval mirrors. The perfect mirror could help set the design of the room and give you some initial direction. One large mirror looks fantastic over a single sink, there are plenty of framed chrome mirrors to choose from, if it’s the minimalistic and modern design theme you are going, for, (see above), then this could be the perfect choice.


Showers over baths, rather than a separate cubicle, will help keep the costs down, try to avoid at all costs a shower curtain! Shower screens can be fixed or folding, modern and traditional, (curved Victorian shower screens are an example of the traditional).


A serious super deep clean is a great way to give your bathroom a glitzy new look. Spray tiles tops, walls and ceilings with all purpose cleaner and then turn on the shower to its hottest setting, (until the steam builds up), approximately five minutes. Turn the water off, shut the door and let the steam and the cleaner mix for about twenty minutes. Then just simply go in and wipe all the surfaces down, leaving the floor until last. Top tip for bathroom cleaning is that whenever you clean your bathroom, whether deeply or quickly, make sure you dry all the surfaces well afterwards. You will be amazed at how good your bathroom looks and smells.


Whatever you decide to do with your bathroom the best way forward is to plan, plan, plan. If the focal point is the well-designed towel rail, then the mirrors, the taps, the shower and the shower screen will look great in the same materials. The aim is to have a bathroom that meets our needs, functions well and looks great. It doesn’t have to be pricey, there are many stylish options available to keep your bathroom on budget.


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