5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Heating This Summer

It might seem slightly peculiar to think about the state of your heating system in the summertime. The sun’s out (hopefully), you’re wearing probably three times less layers than you usually would, and you’re doing just about anything to keep cool. So why on earth would you be considering updating your heating at this time of the year? Well, to strategic, organised thinkers, there’s no better time of year than the summertime to think about the quality of your heating. Here’s five reasons why:


1. Don’t wait until it gets too cold before you find out your current system is inadequate.

Haverland RC WaveUpdating your heating in the summer prevents you from being in that soul-wrenching situation where the cold, winter air has come back with a vengeance and suddenly your heater stops working. You then have to spend money unexpectedly, and wait in the cold for your appliance to be fixed, or for your new one to be delivered and installed. By discovering any problems with your heating in the summer, you prevent yourself from being in any stressful, financially inconvenient situations in the winter.  The heaters that we supply at Electric Radiators Direct are the ideal products for your home if you’re looking to update your heating with state-of-the-art electric radiators. By purchasing products such as our Haverland RC Wave electric radiator, with its three-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime warranty on the radiator body, you can save yourself from carrying out the same task and updating your heating next year, as our products are extremely durable.



2. Re-evaluating your system before peak winter usage could save you money in the long run.

Haverland SmartWaveIf you’ve got a clunky old system with only basic controls, you may be spending more on running costs than you have to. The electric heaters available on our website feature some of the most advanced, innovative technologies on the market today. For example, the Haverland SmartWave designer electric radiator features smart self-learning technologies which reduce energy usage by monitoring the activities within its surroundings and turning on when it senses movement. This ‘smart’ radiator also registers and records any movement in the room to create a working model of your weekly routine, ensuring that no energy is wasted whilst you are out of the house. The SmartWave is also highly controllable and can be programmed via other devices such as your smartphone using Wi-Fi control. Feel free to alter the programming for your heating on the go if there’s any sudden changes to your daily routine, saving energy and costs!



3. You will have ample time to adjust to your new heating system in the summer.

SmartboxThe advanced features of modern technology can prove to be a bit tricky for even the best of us to get to grips with. By updating your heating in the summer, you can get familiar with your new appliances and fine-tune your heating system before the peak usage months arrive. Be an expert in digital programming and smart box control, and save yourself the frustration of being dumb-founded by technology in the winter. The Haverland SmartBox is a handy little gadget that connects to our SmartWave radiator and unlocks full WiFi Control.Our electric radiators offer a much greater level of managability compared to older heating systems, so by purchasing sooner rather than later, you can have a play around with the controls and find the exact right balance for your home.




4. Minimal hassle with installation so you can be ready well in advance.

Cointra ApoloOur electric radiators can be installed with the most basic of DIY knowledge. Installing electric heaters such as our Cointra Apolo is a simple, easy task. They simply screw to the wall and plug into a normal 13amp socket. All radiators are supplied with mounting brackets, screws, and a template to show you where to put the screws. All you need to do is drill four holes, mount the radiator on the bracket supplied, and plug into the nearest socket. Wall-mounted electric radiators take up as little space as possible and are the best way avoid any trip hazards. By conducting this simple task in the summer, you will feel at peace knowing that you are prepared for the winter in good time.



5. Save money with the fantastic deals at Electric Radiators Direct!

Haverland LodelLast but not least, another key reason why updating your heating in the summer is such a great idea is because we always have exceptional offers, so you can get your home comfortably warm well in advance of the cooler weather. Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we currently have a fantastic sale on all of our products, so you’re sure to find the perfect electric radiator for your needs. Included in our summer clearance sale are our bestselling RC Wave and SmartWave slimline electric radiators, which sport a stylish, modern housing to complement your interiors; as well as our popular electric heater, the Haverland Lodel. Take a look at the sale and purchase the ideal electric radiator for your household at a great, discounted price!