Herschel Select XLS Glass Infrared Towel Rail - White 700w (600 x 1300mm)


The Herschel Select XLS Towel Rail is a contemporary and practical heater designed to keep you and your home warm whilst also drying your towels. With its frameless, slim design, this multi-functional heater is perfect for bathroom installation.

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The Select XLS Towel Infrared Heater is an innovative and practical heater designed for drying your towels as well as heating the room, making it the ideal choice for bathroom installation. It provides far infrared heat that is absorbed by the walls and then re-radiated back into the room to prevent any water vapour from settling. The heat produced is also less likely to get lost through any draughts, improving on comfort and efficiency. Sophisticated dual heating technology allows this infrared heater to reach variable surface temperatures so that the bottom half can focus on drying your towels at 45 °C whilst the top half reaches 85 – 105 °C to ensure that you still benefit from the full effects of gentle, radiant warmth.

The Select XLS Towel Rail is easy to use and has been designed with safety in mind so that in the event of impact, its smooth, rounded safety glass will crumble instead of shattering.   


There are three thermostats that are compatible with the Herschel Select XLS Towel Infrared Heater.

      - BT Battery Powered Thermostat
      - PL Plug-in Thermostat
      - MT Mains Powered Thermostat

Each thermostat comes with intuitive control features to make heating your home easier than ever. Choose the BT Battery Powered Thermostat for full manual control. This device does not have to be hardwired as it only runs on batteries, making it quick and easy to set up. It is also the most suitable option for bathroom installation. For more advanced control, the MT Mains Powered WiFi Thermostat and the PL Plug-in WiFi Thermostat provide heat management via an app no matter where you are in the world. Combine these thermostats with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice controlled, hands-free heat management. They each deliver manual control and can be portable or wall mounted, however the PL Plug-in WiFi Thermostat is not suitable for bathroom installation. All three thermostats must be purchased separately.

The receiver bypass option allows you to wire the panel into an alternate system, which is ideal if you already have other Herschel products working on an existing control system or if you would like to mix and match your heaters.

Benefits of far infrared heating

Infrared heating panels are more efficient because they use radiation, rather than convection. Radiation heats people and objects, instead of just heating the air, which is why it does not get lost to any draughts. This gentle radiant heat is absorbed and then re-radiated from the objects and surfaces in your room, so the space effectively becomes a luxuriously comfortable 360° heater. Unlike convection, radiation doesn’t disturb any dust particles in the air which would be a major benefit for allergy sufferers.