Herschel Select XLS Control System

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The Herschel Select XLS Control System offers three different thermostats that are all compatible with Herschel Select XLS infrared panels. With manual and WiFi control options, these controllers provide advanced and innovative heat management for your home.

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Model: T-BT
120mm x 85mm x 20mm
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Model: T-PL
65mm x 120mm x 40mm
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Model: T-MT
120mm x 85mm x 50mm
£99.99 inc VAT
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There are three different thermostats in the Herschel Select XLS Control System:

  • - BT Battery Powered Thermostat
  • - PL Plug-in WiFi Thermostat
  • - MT Mains Powered Thermostat

These three thermostats have been designed to communicate wirelessly through a 35m RF range to the SMART-R receiver on the Herschel Select XLS panels. Each system comes with a keypad lock to prevent others from tampering with them and have simple DIY installation options.

BT Battery Powered Thermostat

An affordable, portable device, the BT Battery Powered Thermostat is the perfect option if you’re only looking for manual control over your heating. This thermostat delivers sophisticated functionality with 24/7 programming, holiday mode, open window detection and adaptive start and is also the most suitable for bathroom installation.  The BT Battery Powered Thermostat must be placed in Zone 3 when installed in a bathroom and can be paired with any of our Herschel Select XLS heaters.

PL Plug-in WiFi Thermostat

The PL Plug-in WiFi Thermostat offers more advanced control capabilities, allowing you to access energy-saving features such as holiday mode and smart mode and 24/7 programming via WiFi. Download the Smart Life app on a compatible device to effortlessly manage your heating on the go or connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control. The PL Plug-in Thermostat is the best choice for those primarily looking for WiFi control as its limited manual control only allows you to set a 24-hour timer and adjust the temperature of your heating. As the name suggests, this thermostat must be plugged into the mains for power.

MT Mains Powered WiFi Thermostat

The MT Mains Powered WiFi Thermostat delivers the best of both worlds with simple manual programming and advanced WiFi control. This thermostat also offers sophisticated and intuitive features such as holiday mode, open window detection and adaptive start alongside added WiFi capabilities through the Smart Life app so you can adjust your heating from the palm of your hand. With the MT Mains Powered Thermostat you can also set your own 24/7 heating schedule and connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home for hands-free control. This thermostat can either be hardwired to the mains or plugged into a compatible USB socket.