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Customer Questions

  1. Who are Ecostrad?

    1. Bringing you the latest in efficient heating technology, Ecostrad boasts a variety of electric heating solutions for commercial and domestic properties. Specialising in modern electric radiators, Ecostrad is committed to providing sophisticated heaters, featuring designer aesthetics and intuitive control. The versatility of Ecostrad products makes them the ideal heating brand for a wide range of spaces.

  2. What Ecostrad products are available?

    1. Ecostrad offers a cutting-edge line of electric heating products, including electric radiators, electric towel rails, infrared panels and electric patio heaters. Whatever space needs keeping warm, you can guarantee Ecostrad will provide the perfect heater to best match your needs.

  3. Are Ecostrad electric heaters efficient?

    1. Ecostrad electric heaters are 100% efficient at point of use as every watt of electricity taken from the wall is converted into usable heat. Their products are available with a range of energy-saving management features including precise digital thermostats, weekly programming and smart app control, to help to maximise efficiency.
      Ecostrad electric heaters can even be paired with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power for a completely carbon neutral heating solution from start to finish.

  4. Are Ecostrad products controllable?

    1. All Ecostrad electric heaters come with integrated controls, including Bluetooth and WiFi programming. Many allow you to create detailed heating schedules, adjust temperatures and select between different heat modes. All WiFi controlled Ecostrad heaters are also compatible with the Ecosystem app, for intuitive heat management in every room.