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Energy Saving Tips

With the cost of fuel soaring and the need to cut back on our carbon footprints becoming ever more urgent, it's never been so important to make sure your heating is as energy efficient as possible. But it doesn't always take drastic action to reduce your energy bills. A few simple measures can help us all cut back on the cost of energy and do our bit to help the environment. Read on for our top ten tips for easy energy saving!

Top Ten Tips for Energy Saving

Ways to save energy

1. Turn Your Thermostat Down By One Degree

Would you be comfortable in a room one degree cooler? Many people don't notice the change – but they certainly spot the difference with their heating bills! The simple measure of turning your thermostat down by one degree could save you 10% on your energy bill – which equates to around £60 a year. The individually controlled thermostats on our electric radiators make this easy. You can turn down the heat on each separate unit, giving you total control of your energy usage and heating bills. Our advanced heating controllers allow you to reduce heating in empty rooms to a minimum whilst maintaining comfortable levels of heat in busy areas, saving money and reducing energy consumption by programming your heating to suit your lifestyle.

2. Check Your Water Temperature

Many people have their water thermostat set far too high. The ideal temperature is around 60°C/140°F, and yet many people have it set to scalding temperatures. You wouldn't get in a boiling hot bath or wash your dishes with water that's too hot for your hands so why waste energy heating water to that temperature?

3. Get Rid Of Draughts

Draughts around windows and doors can make your home much harder to heat. Wasted heat escapes outside whilst your radiators work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures, cranking up your heating bills. But draughts can usually be easily sealed with a basic mastic sealant or similar a product – a simple DIY job that's always worth doing. Shutting curtains at dusk and keeping doors closed is another easy way to stop heat escaping that will help you save money on your heating bills.

4. Switch Off

Make sure you switch off the light whenever you leave a room and turn off any appliances you're no longer using – don't just leave them on standby. Leaving computers, televisions and other electronic devices on standby drains more energy that you might suspect, so make sure you switch them off. Switching off unnecessary lights and appliances is a really simple habit that can significantly reduce your energy bills.

5. Use Appliances Economically

Many household appliances have economy settings that keep the amount of power used to a minimum – and a few common sense tips will ensure that you always use your appliances as efficiently as possible. You should always fill your dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer with a full load before washing – one full load is twice as economical as two half loads. Make use of the quick wash and cool settings on your washing machine whenever you can and use the eco setting on your dishwasher to save on energy.

6. Think Before You Boil

Boiling the kettle uses a surprisingly large amount of energy. If you are making a cup of tea or coffee make sure that you only boil enough hot water for one cup.

7. Fix That Dripping Tap

It may not look like much, but a dripping tap can waste enough water in a week to fill an entire bath tub! Dripping taps also waste energy, so make sure any leaks are fixed and taps are tightly switched off.

8. Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs can last up to ten times longer than ordinary bulbs – an easy way to reduce the costs associated with lighting your home.

9. Visit The Energy Saving Trust Website

The Energy Saving Trust have countless great tips to help you save energy. Visit their site at http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/ for many more ways to save money on your heating bills.

10. Buy Electric RadiatorsView efficient electric radiators

Our favourite tip! Our electric radiators are some of the most advanced heating products on the market, with an extensive range of features that make them cheaper and more energy efficient than conventional forms of heating. Reduce your energy consumption and save money on your heating bills with:

• Dry element or thermal fluid heating technology to provide heat in half the time of a traditional central heating system

• A radiator body which is 100% aluminium for excellent heat conduction

• A highly accurate in-built thermostat to ensure the radiator does not waste energy when the room is at your desired temperature

• 24/7 digital programming to tailor your heating to your lifestyle, saving energy by keeping heat to a minimum when you're out of the house

• Easy plug-in and go installation to save money on electrician's fees

Work out the required wattage to heat your rooms with our radiator calculator. Make sure you buy radiators with a total wattage which equals or exceeds the required wattage for the room. Don't be tempted to under-specify – if your radiators are not powerful enough to efficiently heat your room to the desired temperature your heating will become more expensive.

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Electricity?

Many people find it hard to know whether they're paying a reasonable price for their electricity. We believe that a high percentage of the UK households are paying far too much. We have partnered up with one of the UK’s biggest energy comparison sites, U Switch, to help our customers make sure that they're getting the very best rates. It can be hard to tell whether you're paying too much for electricity but there are ways to tell if your bills are normal – here are five signs you may be paying too much:U Switch: save on your electricity bill

1. You've never shopped around 

A price comparison site such as U Switch can help you review competitive offers to choose the provider with the best deal for your needs. If you've never taken time to shop around to find the best price for your electricity it's a good bet that you're paying too much.

2. Your bill never goes down

Your bill should fluctuate throughout the year. You use more energy in the winter heating and lighting your house through the dark cold evenings than you do in summer when it's warm and the days are long – so your heating bills should be significantly lower in summer. If your bill never changes that's a sure sign that you're paying too much.

3. You don't check whether your appliances are energy efficient

While an electric bill that never goes down is frustrating, it's even worse when it goes up year after year! A common cause of increasing heating bills is the deterioration of old appliances – many of which become less efficient as they get older. Testing your appliances every year is a great way to identify any appliances that are running below their best. Replacing a tired old appliance with an energy efficient new model could save you significant amounts on your heating bills.

4. You always have to replace light bulbs

You shouldn't need to replace your light bulbs very often: if you are that could be a sign that you're wasting electricity. It may be that you keep your lights on too often or you are not using the correct wattage for the lighting fixture. It's a good idea to replace your bulbs with energy efficient long life bulbs that will last for years and save you money on your lighting.

5. You are paying more than your friends and neighbours

It might not be the most “British” thing to do, but there really is no shame in asking other people what they spend on their electricity bills! Just by asking you could save each other money. If you do find that you are paying more than those who have homes and families of a comparable size then you are probably paying too much – so it's time to use U Switch to find a better value provider!

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