Energy Saving Tips

With the cost of fuel soaring and a need to cut back on our carbon footprints never has the need for energy efficiency been so important. However, it doesn't take drastic action to cut your energy bill instead with a few simple measures we can all cut back on the cost of energy and help the environment at the same time. Here's Electric Radiators Direct's guide to energy saving:

Buy electric radiators

Ok we would say that but there are some real benefits to installing electric radiators not least because they are so energy efficient. So what should you look for when installing new electric radiators?

  • A radiator body which is 100% aluminium as this makes the radiator extremely lightweight as well as giving it excellent heating properties.
  • Thermal fluid or thermal dry heating transmissions to provide heat in half the time of a traditional central heating system
  • An accurate in-built digital high-precision Timer & Thermostatic control
  • Make sure the wattage matches the room size – as a general rule you should opt for 1000 Watt for a room of 10m2
  • A radiator that is easy to install with clear instructions
  • Choose a Haverland radiator – any of the electric radiators from Haverland
  • Combine all of these features so you don't have to compromise on efficiency

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Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree 

Simply by turning your thermostat down by 1 degree you could save 10% of your energy bill, which equates to around £60 a year. Because our electric radiators have individually controlled thermostats you can turn down the heat on each separate unit giving you total control of your energy and heating bills.

Check your water temperature

Most people have their water thermostat set far too high – you should have your water set at 60°C/140°F and yet many people have at it at scalding temperatures. As you wouldn't get in a boiling hot bath or even wash your dishes with water that is too hot why waste the energy heating it in the first place?

Get rid of draughts

Checking for draughts around windows and doors can not only make your home more comfortable but also help save energy. Draughts can usually be stopped with a basic mastic sealant or similar product so it’s a DIY job worth doing. Also something as simple as shutting your curtains at dusk can help stop heat escaping from your windows.

Switch off

Make sure you turn off lights when you leave a room as well as any appliances that you are no longer using, and don't leave them on standby either as this drains energy without you even realising. It's a really simple habit but can shave money of your energy bill.

Use appliances economically

You should always fill your dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer every time you use it as one full load is a lot more economical than two half loads. Also make use of your quick wash and cool settings on your washing machine whenever you can and use the eco setting on your dishwasher to save on energy.

Think before you boil

If you are making a cup of tea or coffee make sure that you only boil enough hot water for one cup.

Fix that dripping tap

Not only does a dripping tap waste enough water in a week to fill an entire bath tub it also wastes energy so make sure any leaks are fixed and taps are tightly switched off.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

These little gems last up to ten times longer than ordinary bulbs so you will soon see reap the savings.

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