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Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Electric wall radiators have evolved! These innovative wall heaters provide all the same great qualities of gas central heating and yet they need no plumbing, are low maintenance and are fully programmable. This means you can plug them straight in at the wall and control the individual temperature in every room where you have electric radiators wall mounted. With energy bills on the rise more and more people are shopping about for the best energy supply deal, and focus is increasingly being placed on the technology we use to heat our homes. While changing to a new energy supplier can certainly make a difference, taking the reins and making use of green electric wall heater technology will have the biggest impact of all.

Many households are dependent upon boiler powered gas central heating systems which offer limited controllability and are inherently susceptible to heat loss and energy wastage. When you factor in maintenance costs, the risk of burst or frozen water pipes and the inaccuracy of most thermostats, gas central heating often works out as time-consuming, disruptive and expensive option. For ultimate energy-efficiency, controllability and comfort tailored to your lifestyle, wall mounted electric radiators offer an exciting alternative to traditional gas central heating, storage heaters or conventional convection radiators. Wall mounted electric heaters such as electric radiators, infrared panels and heated towel rails give you levels of control never previously thoughts possible in domestic home heating.

Each wall mounted heater in your system comes with its own timer and temperature settings, making it possible to programme each room separately to fit within your daily schedule. With a thermostat accurate to within fractions of a degree and 24/7 hour by hour programming, you can truly control the heating in every part of your home. Perhaps you have an office or study which you don't use at the weekend, or maybe you only want to heat the bedroom for a couple of hours before you go to sleep? It could be that you work all day and only need heat in one or two rooms in the morning and in the evening – or maybe you work from home on a Wednesday and like a low level of heat throughout the day. Electric wall mounted heaters make it possible to adapt your heating schedule to your lifestyle, meaning you're constantly saving energy and wasting less money. 

Wall Mounted Electric Radiator Range


When it comes to installing our plug in radiators, nothing could be easier. Our electric wall heaters can be fitted quickly and easily with only the most basic of DIY skills. We provide everything you need in the wall heater mounting kit to fix your new purchase securely to the wall. Once you are done, simply plug into a 13amp socket and your wall mounted electric heater is ready to programme and use! It really is that simple! Wall mounted heaters have no pipes, no water and no moving parts – this really is the future of energy efficient heating. Always make sure you purchase wall radiators which have full programming control and are suitable for DIY installation. Cheaper wall heaters that do not have these features quickly become more expensive than our fully equipped plug in radiators because of the costs of installation and uncontrolled operation. Electric Radiators Direct are at the cutting edge of this developing technology, bringing you the best prices in the UK.

Electric Radiators Direct specialise in bringing you the highest quality electric wall mounted heaters at the lowest prices in the UK. Amongst our most popular products are our Haverland wall mounted radiators. We’re proud of our partnership with Haverland – one of the most recognised and respected electric heating brands in the UK and across Europe – because we believe they offer the very best quality products with exceptional value for money. We are especially pleased to be the UK’s sole distributor of Haverland’s pioneering RC Wave range of electric wall radiators. These wall mounted heaters are 100% energy efficient, with some of the most advanced technology on the market today built in to guarantee you an excellent long term return on your investment. Our best-selling range of wall mounted electric radiators, the Haverland RCWave is perfectly designed to meet the needs of modern home heating: with top-of-the-range energy efficiency, a contemporary design and impressive eco credentials. The RCWave radiator body is made from recycled aluminium and is itself 100% recyclable. There are five different sizes of radiators and a variety of thermal outputs from 450W to 1700W. Thanks to the latest Dry Thermal Technology the RCWave has optimised heating performance and excellent energy efficiency. It's all-aluminium body heats up quickly, retains heat and pushes heat around the room. With a high precision thermostat and fully programmable heating controls, the RCWave is the ideal wall mounted electric radiator for any modern home or commercial application.

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