Electric Radiators Wall Mounted

Electric radiators have evolved! These innovative heating systems provide all the same great qualities of gas central heating and yet they need no plumbing, are low maintenance and are fully programmable. This means you can plug them straight in at the wall and control the individual temperature in every room where you have an electric radiator wall mounted.

When it comes to fixing our electric radiators, nothing could be easier. Our wall mounted electric radiator design means you can fit them quickly and you only need the most basic of DIY skills. We provide everything you need in the radiator mounting kit to fix your new purchase securely to the wall. Once you are done, simply plug in to a 13amp socket and your radiator is ready to programme and use! It really is that simple!

We’ve chosen radiators from the Haverland range - Haverland are a recognised and respected brand in the UK and across Europe and we believe offer the very best quality products and exceptional value for money.

Our best selling range of wall mounted electric radiators are the RCWave which are perfectly designed to meet the needs of the modern purchaser as each radiator has a contemporary design, and is energy efficient with a number of eco credentials. In fact each individual radiator body is made from recycled aluminium and is itself 100% recyclable. There are five different sizes of radiators and a variety of thermal outputs from 450W to 1700W.

Wall Mounted Electric Radiators - New Generation Heating 

Thanks to the latest Dry Thermal Technology the RCWave has optimised heating performance and energy efficiency. It's all aluminium body heats up quickly and then retains its heat. In fact it is it the most technologically advanced radiator Haverland has ever produced and we are proud to be the sole UK distributor. With a high precision and fully programmable thermostat the RCWave meets the needs of the modern home or commercial application.

Here are just some of the many benefits of our RCWave wall mounted electric radiators:

  • Better energy efficiency than gas central heating or storage heaters
  • Programmable heating – you set the temperature
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Latest technology ensures no blackening of walls
  • Made from recycled aluminium and itself 100% recyclable
  • Easy installation with no pipework involved
  • A complete heating system that combats cold spots
  • 3 year electronic guarantee
  • Lifetime radiator block guarantee
  • Very low maintenance costs