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  1. What is your slimmest wall mounted electric heater?

    1. Our slimmest wall mounted electric heaters are our range of Herschel infrared panels which are 25mm deep. Once attached to the wall on their mounting brackets, infrared panels will protrude up to 50mm from the wall.

  2. Can you fit wall mounted electric heaters DIY?

    1. The majority of our wall mounted electric heaters are suitable for DIY installation and supplied with all necessary fittings, however, there are some notable exceptions. Storage heaters must always be installed by a professional electrician as they need to be wired into the night-time circuit of your property. Infrared panels that will be used for bathroom heating must also be hardwired by an electrician to conform to UK safety standards. Please check the ‘installation’ tab of individual product pages to confirm whether or not an electric wall heater is suitable for DIY installation.

  3. What wall mounted electric heater is best for me?

    1. Most electric heaters are designed to be wall mounted, so if you’re looking for a fixed solution, there’s a wealth of different products to choose from.

      Panel heaters are a popular choice for on-demand heating in rooms that are used less often. Their rapid convected heat can come in handy if you need conservatories, home offices or guest rooms warmed quickly without turning on your main heating system. Their only drawback is that their convected heat is easily lost which makes them much less efficient to run and it’s for this reason that they’re not recommended for whole home heating.

      If you’re on an economy electricity tariff, storage heaters will naturally be the best choice. These heaters are uniquely economical because of their ability to capitalise on the cheaper night time rates offered by economy tariffs. By accumulating heat overnight, storage heaters are able to provide cheap heat throughout the day without having to use on-peak electricity. Storage heaters aren’t designed to work with standard tariffs, so if you’re not already on an economy tariff, you won’t be able to enjoy the low-cost heating offered by these appliances.

      Infrared panels are energy-efficient electric heaters that are ultra slim and ultra stylish. They produce radiant heat which is absorbed by walls and surfaces to create an even ambient temperature. As radiant heat isn’t affected by draughts, rooms retain more warmth and the heaters in your system won’t need to work as hard to top-up temperatures. Infrared panels don’t come with integrated controls because their long product lifespans will out-strip those of their controllers so bear in mind that you’ll need to purchase a programmable thermostat separately.

      We also offer a range of electric wall heaters for outdoor spaces, including discreet no glare heaters that offer a gentler form of warmth, and low-glare products that provide vigorous heat that’s better suited to exposed areas.

  4. Which wall mounted electric heaters are most energy efficient?

    1. In our range of wall mounted electric heaters we offer a broad range of products but which offers the best energy efficiency?

      Though storage heaters and panel heaters can be economical in their own way, they’re not as energy efficient as other systems because of their reliance on convection as a means of distributing warmth. As they work by heating the surrounding air, this warmth can quickly dissipate to cooler spaces whenever a door or window is opened. This in turn means the heaters have to use more energy to try and bring the room back up to your comfort temperature.

      Infrared panels are the most energy-efficient electric heaters in our range because of the type of warmth they produce. They use radiant heat only, which is easily absorbed by surrounding walls and surfaces to create an even ambient temperature from floor to ceiling. Though the initial warming process takes longer, radiant heat is less easily lost through draughts and you’ll find that your heaters only need to switch on occasionally to maintain your desired heat levels. When used with a programmable thermostat, infrared panels become even more efficient and convenient to use as you can program a heating schedule that fits around your lifestyle.

      This doesn’t mean you should discount heating systems that use convection, though! There are many instances where convection-based heaters will be a better fit for your space and can still be cost-effective to run because of their advanced control systems and precision thermostats. Electric radiators in particular are a great example of how effective convection can be in standard domestic spaces. Providing a mix of radiation and convection, electric radiators strike the balance between quick and lasting warmth, as well as convenience and efficiency. If you’re unsure which electric heating system is best for your space, give our sales team a call on 0330 300 4444.

Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Wall mounted electric heaters are a superb choice if you’d rather have your heating in a fixed position throughout your home. Not only does wall mounting help to free up your floor space, it also provides a more discreet and unobtrusive fitting. Our range of wall mounted electric heaters encompasses a wide range of styles, sizes and systems. Choose from fast and effective wall mounted panel heaters, compact and modern storage heaters, as well as sleek and ultra-slim infrared panels. Many of our wall mounted electric heaters can be installed DIY in minutes, even if you have minimal experience.