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  1. What size towel rail do I need?

    1. You can use our radiator calculator to work out what size towel rail you need to heat your room. All you have to do is enter a few details about the room, including its dimensions, for an instant calculation of the minimum wattage required. Then it’s a simple matter of choosing a towel rail with an equal or greater wattage. If your bathroom is particularly large, you may need to use multiple towel rails to heat the space, or pair your towel rail with another type of room heater.

      If you only need a towel rail for towel warming, rather than room heating, the wattage of the towel rail is less important. You just need to find a towel rail which is a suitable size for the shape of the room and the number of towels it will hold.

  2. Do towel rails warm the room as well as your towels?

    1. If you want your towel rail to heat the room as well as warm your towels, you need to make sure you’ve chosen a towel rail that’s large enough for the size of the room. You can use our radiator calculator to help you work out what size is right for your bathroom.

      If you’re just looking for a towel warmer, a towel rail of any size or wattage will do the job. You just need to make sure your chosen model provides enough room for all your towels – and your bathroom has enough wall space for the radiator!

  3. Are glass towel rails more efficient than steel towel rails?

    1. Glass towel rails work a little differently to steel ladder style towel rails, but they’re equally efficient.

      Traditional style towel rails rely on conduction to dry your towels. Your towels hang directly on the heated steel rungs, which use their proximity to spread heat along the towel’s length. In contrast, glass towel rails use radiant heat to dry your towels. These heaters consist of a flat heated glass panel fitted with a series of protruding, unheated rails. Your towels hang down from the steel rails and absorb the full force of the panel’s radiant heat, making them warm and dry in no time.

      Both methods of towel heating are effective, and there is little difference between the two in terms of efficiency. That said, glass towel rails sometimes do a better job of heating the room because the hot elements are not entirely covered with towels. Most people will make their choice based on the aesthetics of the towel rail.

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For a stylish yet efficient bathroom heating solution, a heated towel rail is a practical choice as it warms the bathroom whilst keeping towels dry and toasty. An electric towel rail can also help to control your bathroom energy consumption as it is installed and operated independently, meaning you can keep your bathroom warm and inviting without switching on the central heating. Our wide range of electric towel rails are suitable for just about any bathroom. Choose from traditional chrome towel rails to contemporary plasma-style glass heaters designed to add a focal point to a minimalist décor.