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If you are looking for quality, control, reliability, easy installation and of course sensible running costs you’ll find an unrivalled selection of energy efficient electric radiators tailored to your every need here at Electric Radiators Direct. From free standing to wall mounted electric radiators, from contemporary designs to radiators with more traditional aesthetics, and with a wide range of energy management systems including precision digital thermostats, 24/7 programming facilities and state-of-the-art self-learning technology, there’s a radiator for every application in our unrivalled electric heating collection. Read more.

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What are electric radiators?

Electric radiators are an energy-efficient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional central heating – using electricity to create heat rather than hot water. Electric radiators provide a modular heating system that’s suitable for use throughout the home, allowing you to add new radiators into your system with ease. They feature highly accurate, precision digital thermostats, a wealth of energy-saving features, and come in a range of different designs, styles, and finishes to suit any space. If you’re looking for a modern, eco-conscious heating solution to replace storage heaters or central heating, look no further than our range of electric radiators.

The benefits of electric radiators

  • Controllable Heating

    Our electric radiators provide detailed digital programming that integrates into your daily routine and some can even be controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi for added convenience.

  • Replaces Central Heating

    Electric radiators are an eco-friendly, controllable alternative to traditional central heating – offering a responsive heating system that can be used throughout the home.

  • Supports Heater Zoning

    Allocate different electric radiators to different areas of your property to create a comprehensive, room-by-room heating schedule.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    Installing an electric radiator is a straightforward DIY task and most simply screw to the wall and plug into the nearest socket.

  • Highly Accurate Temperature Control

    Each of our electric radiators come with an integrated thermostat, which regulates temperatures with absolute precision to keep energy use to a minimum.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All our electric radiators comply with Lot 20 and current EU regulations governing efficiency, so you can rest assured your heating system is optimised for modern use.

What are the different types of electric radiator?

Electric radiators come in all shapes and sizes, with a range of different colours, finishes, and aesthetics to choose from. Aside from obvious cosmetic differences, the main variation between electric radiators can be traced to their heating elements and the way they keep you warm. Dry thermal electric radiators use a lightweight strip of metal within their housings to warm passing air and circulate it around a room to raise the temperature. These electric radiators offer a responsive heating system that’s quick to heat up and cool down, promptly reacting to changes in temperature to ensure your spaces are always perfectly heated. Oil-filled electric radiators come pre-filled with a heat retentive thermal fluid, which evenly distributes heat along the surface of the radiators and radiates warmth out into the room. These radiators take longer to heat up but retain warmth long after they’ve stopped drawing power – making them an energy-efficient choice for heating your home. Dry stone electric radiators contain heat retentive ceramic bricks that lay on top of a metal heating element. When the element draws power from the wall, heat is transferred to the bricks, which then radiates out into the room. Dry stone electric radiators provide the best heat retention of all three heating elements – making them perfect for conservatories, rooms with high ceilings, and other large, tricky to heat spaces.

Are electric radiators energy-efficient?

Electric radiators are 100% efficient at point of use, which means all the power drawn from the wall is converted into heat. Our range goes a step further however, offering a plethora of energy-saving features that help to cut monthly bills and minimise waste. The easiest and simplest of these energy-saving features is digital programming, which allows you to specify precisely what rooms are heated and to what extent. Because programmable electric radiators are a modular heating system, you can run separate electric radiators to different schedules, ensuring you’re never heating the whole home for the sake of one room. Additional features also include open-window detection, which pauses your heaters if a sharp drop in temperature is detected and adaptive start, which allows your electric radiators to pre-heat ahead of schedule to ensure they always reach the right temperature at the right time.

What is the best electric radiator for my space?

Choosing the right electric radiator for your space hinges on several factors, including personal preference just as much as practical reasons. We have a huge range of electric radiators for sale, all with different styles at your disposal, from traditional electric radiators, to designer electric radiators, and everything in between, making it easier than ever to buy an electric radiator suited to your needs. Once you’ve found your ideal design, the next thing to consider is the level of control you’d like. We stock WiFi and Bluetooth controlled electric radiators, voice-activated heaters, and manual models if you’d prefer simple push-button control. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to consider what wattage you require to adequately heat your space. Our handy electric radiator calculator can help you figure this out. It takes into consideration your room dimensions, level of insulation, and some other general questions relating to your property, to provide a total wattage needed to keep your space warm. If you’re still unsure, our handy sales team will be happy to help – offering their professional advice and a no-obligation, tailor-made quote.

Customisable, Energy-Efficient Heating

  • Multiple Styles & Designs

    Our electric radiator range includes various styles to suit any space, including anthracite, slimline, and designer electric radiators. Whatever your needs, we've got them covered in our range.

  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions

    For space-saving heating in crowed spaces, why not opt for a vertical electric radiator, offering the same control and features of regular radiators but in a vertical orientation.

  • 100% Efficient

    Electric radiators are 100% efficient at point of use and all the energy drawn from the wall is converted into heat, with no waste.