Technotherm MCT Electric Panel Heater – 750W


Boasting a square design with a slick front panel, the Technotherm MCT 750w makes a stylish addition to any property. Besides its minimalist aesthetic, this German electric panel heater comes with a range of cutting-edge control features, such as 24/7 programming and an innovative motion sensor mode, for convenient, intuitive control.

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The Technotherm MCT 750w electric panel heater provides highly responsive, robust warmth to a versatile range of spaces. Sophisticated control functions, like weekly programming and presence detection, let you micromanage energy usage to ensure heat is only produced when you most need it. Complete with a bold German design, this panel heater is sure to bring a modern edge to any interior design scheme.

High Quality German Engineering

Built with excellence in mind, the Technotherm MCT is a German electric heater that features superior efficiency and exceptional quality. Manufactured by experts, with great attention to detail, this sophisticated panel heater promises robust and reliable heating for a range of spaces. As with all German-made electric heaters, the MCT is typified by its strong, angular aesthetic and advanced programming, combining bold design with convenient control.

Exceptional Control Features

Equipped with a range of advanced functions, the Technotherm MCT makes heat management that much easier. 24/7 programming lets you set custom heat schedules, every hour of the day, seven days a week, so you can tailor heating to best match your routine. Alternatively, you can select from 3 pre-set programs, including comfort, eco and anti-frost mode, for ultimate convenience. The Technotherm MCT also offers intuitive motion sensor mode – a set & forget feature which automatically adjusts room temperature when presence is detected, ensuring effortless heat management. Other energy-saving features, such as an energy consumption meter and open window detection, also make the Technotherm MCT a prime heating solution for those who prefer exceptional control over their heating.

Fast-Acting Panel Heating

Fitted with a highly responsive convection element, the Technotherm MCT heats solely by convection, meaning it only warms the surrounding air, for an exceptionally fast transfer of heat. Ideal for supplementary use, this electric panel heater delivers quick and reliable warmth to a versatile range of spaces.

Safe Heating Guarantee

Perfect for the family home, the Technotherm MCT electric panel heater features a baby care function that automatically reduces radiator surface temperature to 60 °C, providing added protection against hot surfaces. To avoid unwanted tampering with the heater’s settings, a keypad lock function can be activated by holding the plus and minus buttons simultaneously, in turn locking out all functions of display, for child-friendly heating. 


The Technotherm MCT comes with its own plug for simple DIY fitting and does not require an electrician or plumber for installation. It comes with an IP20 protection rating meaning it is not suitable for use in bathrooms or near water sources.