Slimline Electric Heaters

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  1. What is your slimmest electric heater?

    1. Infrared panels offer the slimmest heating solution by far and sport ultra-thin 25mm housings, barely intruding into the room at all. Their reduced thickness is due to how they heat, requiring a wide but shallow surface area in order to radiate heat outwards. To save even more space, infrared panels can be mounted high up on the wall or ceiling, so they’re a fantastic choice even in rooms with limited space.

      We also offer a range of exceptionally slim convection heaters, from 55mm thick, which can easily be installed in slim alcoves and corridors.

  2. Are slim electric heaters less efficient?

    1. Not at all! The difference is mostly superficial but they become more expensive because better materials and more careful manufacturing is required to achieve this slimness.

      Some heaters even require a slim frame due to how they heat. A prime example is infrared panels, which don’t have thick housings because the shallower, wider surface area allows them to project heat outwards more effectively.

  3. Why don’t you sell slimline storage heaters?

    1. Modern storage heaters do offer a slimmer housing compared to their older counterparts, but unfortunately, you will never find a storage heater with a thickness on par with other slimmer products. They’re bulky and heavy by nature as this heating system relies on storing heat within a set of weighty bricks within the housing. If you absolutely must have a slim heating method because of space constraints, you may want to explore other heating options.

Slimline Electric Heaters

Whilst a heating system is an essential for most rooms, when space is at a premium it can be difficult to incorporate your radiators into your overall interior design. Our slimmest electric heater is just 2.5cm deep, yet still radiates a rapid warmth throughout the room. If you’re looking to save money on energy bills as well as maximise space in your room, our infrared panel heaters can be wall mounted for an unobtrusive solution that doesn’t compromise on room design and are available in a wide range of sizing options to suit awkward wall spaces. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cheaper heater for a quick blast of heat in a smaller room, many of our electric panel heaters also sport slender designs that fit snugly into alcoves and beneath windows.