Rointe Kyros Electric Radiators

Rointe Kyros Electric Radiators

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  1. How do you install the Rointe Kyros?

    1. Installing your Rointe Kyros Electric Radiator couldn’t be easier. As with most of our electric radiators, the Kyros can be installed DIY with the most basic of DIY knowledge and we provide everything you need for wall mounting.

      All that’s needed for wall mounting is to drill a few small holes for the radiator brackets to be mounted to, and then you simply attach your radiator to that bracket as you would if you were fitting a TV. Once that’s done, simply plug your Rointe Kyros into a standard mains socket and you’re all done. For a more discreet fit, you can pay a certified electrician to hardwire your Kyros.

  2. How do I control my Rointe Kyros?

    1. The Kyros can be programmed in a multitude of ways from the easy-to-use visual menu located on the front of the product. From here, you can access the 24/7 programmer and start building a detailed heating schedule. You can also choose from 4 pre-set programmes that are specifically designed around common lifestyle routines to maximise efficiency without you having to set your own programme. Like all electric radiators, the programmable features are what sets this method of heating apart from more conventional methods. Minutely amend your heating schedule, set highly accurate temperatures, and heat your home as efficiently as possible with the precision and control that the Rointe Kyros offers you.

      For maximum authority, you can purchase your Kyros with the optional Rointe Air Remote Control which provides you with a greater amount of control without having to leave the comfort of your own sofa. The Air Remote is multifunctional, ergonomically designed, and highly durable – making it a quick and easy way to access your Kyros’ programming and to make any changes.

  3. Why do I need a Rointe Kyros?

    1. Rointe Kyros electric radiators set a very high standard for home heating and energy saving - not to mention the appeal of their striking aesthetics. The Kyros uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your heating is as effective, efficient, and smooth as it possibly can be. With a plethora of programmable options, the Kyros is an intuitive, smart, and attractive heating option for your home.

      The Kyros is a slim and stylish alternative to conventional and cumbersome heating methods and its contemporary finish would complement many household design schemes. With its 24/7 programming options, 4 pre-sets, Open Window energy saving technology, visual menus, and much more, the Rointe Kyros is a fully versatile electric heater that combines innovative energy efficient concepts with startling design to create a stylish product that’s more than capable of delivering effective warmth to your home.

Rointe Kyros Electric Radiators

Rointe Kyros radiators are energy efficient heating solutions with advanced functionality. These radiators feature “Fuzzy Logic Energy Control,” which optimises power consumption and prevents temperature spikes, creating uniform warmth for your interiors. Four pre-set heating programmes come included with the Kyros to match common lifestyle patterns, although a custom user schedule can be created to suit individual needs. The visual menu of the Kyros makes adjusting your heating easy and intuitive, but if you’d prefer to control your heater from the comfort of your chair, an optional remote control is also available.