Rointe Kyros Electric Radiator - White 1600w


The Kyros electric radiator by Rointe offers controllable, energy-efficient heating with a host of additional features designed to trim your monthly bills and keep waste to a minimum. Kyros electric radiators come with multiple pre-set programmes, a detailed 24/7 programmer, and a redesigned display that changes colour to reflect your energy use. All of these features create a responsive, user-friendly heating system with a focus on efficiency. 

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

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  • Product Details
    • Integrated Convection Vents
    • Easy DIY Installation
    • Fuzzy Logic Energy Control
    • Thermal Fluid Elements
    • Open Window Detection
    • Sleek White Aluminium Housing
    • 24/7 Programming with 4 Pre-Set Functions
    • Intuitive Visual Menu
    • New User Mode for Additional Control
    • Optional Remote Control in White & Black
    • 20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Radiator Body
  • Product Specifications
    More Information
    Brand Rointe
    Product Weight (kg) 34
    Depth (mm) 98
    Height (mm) 580
    Width (mm) 1330
    Wattage (w) 1600
    Cable Length (m) 2
    IP Rating IP21
    Suitable for Bathrooms Not Suitable
    IEC Class Protection N/A
    Radiator Elements 15
    Room Size - Modern Insulation (m²) 20
    Room Size - Poor Insulation (m²) 13.5
  • Manuals & Installation

    Download the manual for the Rointe Kyros here.

    Installing the Rointe Kyros is a straightforward process that requires very little previous DIY experience. All necessary fixtures and fittings are included with the Kyros to help you get started. Use the template and the screws provided to mount the brackets to the wall, and then mount the radiator onto the brackets. The Kyros can then be plugged into the nearest 13A socket.

    We do not recommend electric radiators or panel heaters for bathroom installation.  This is because there is the temptation to hang towels over the appliance to dry, which can obstruct ventilation on the heater and cause a hazard.

    Care must always be taken when connecting multiple radiators or heaters to avoid overloading the ring main of your property. If you are unsure, contact a qualified electrician for advice. For a professional installation, cables can be shortened and the heater connected to the mains supply by a fused spur. This work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

  • Warranty
    All Rointe Kyros Radiators come with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on electronic components and a 20 Year Warranty on the radiator body.
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The third generation Rointe Kyros sets a new standard for modern home heating. Providing enhanced energy-saving features, the new Kyros is an ideal heating solution for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. With its minimalist and stylish design, the Kyros will effortlessly blend into the background of any interior design scheme. This high-output Rointe radiator is a superb choice for larger spaces and can heat areas up to 20m²  ̶  ideal for commercial and domestic applications.

Sophisticated Technology

The Kyros uses thermal fluid for exceptional heat retention, enabling the Kyros to maintain comfortable temperatures without drawing too much power from the wall socket. The perfect energy-saving radiator, the Kyros disperses its heat through the eye-catching vents on the front of the heater. This keeps warm air in continuous circulation rather than letting it gather toward the ceiling where its effects can’t be felt. Together with its impressive heat retentive properties, the new Kyros is a statement in efficient home heating.

With the new, third generation Kyros, Rointe have included a stunning, easy-to-use, graphic menu system. User-friendly and crystal-clear, interacting with your third generation Kyros is as simple as it possibly can be – with all new, easily recognisable icons for swift navigation. Using advanced heating technologies, the Kyros is able to maintain temperatures within ±0.25 °C and includes a unique fuzzy logic control feature which works to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations. Where standard heaters create heat spikes and sudden lows as they turn on and off, Rointe’s fuzzy logic system modulates heat output in a way that will ensure even and comfortable heating, as well as economical energy usage. All Rointe heaters come with an Open Window Detection function which will switch the heater to Anti-Frost mode once it senses a temperature drop of 4 °C within a 30-minute period. This energy-saving feature prevents your heaters from wasting electricity by trying to heat a rapidly cooling room in the event that a window is left open by accident.

Customise Your Heating

To minimise energy consumption, the Kyros includes a 24/7 digital programmer that enables you to create a bespoke heating schedule around your lifestyle. Select comfort and economy temperatures for every hour of every day, until you’ve built a heating programme that fits your individual needs. If you don’t want to create a detailed heating plan, for convenience, the Kyros comes with 4 pre-set modes that can be selected with the push of a button. These handy pre-sets reflect four of the most common daily routines and can be edited with ease, allowing you to tailor them to your individual lifestyle. Simply select the pre-set that bests fits your schedule and let your Kyros do the rest – changing from economy, sleep, and comfort modes at specified points throughout the day. Accessible from the product menu, these adaptable pre-sets alleviate the need for detailed custom programming.

With Rointe’s new E-fficiency mode, keeping an eye on your energy consumption couldn’t be easier. Depending on its energy use, the menu of your Kyros will change colour: green means efficient, yellow means there’s room for improvement, and red means excessive. With this colour coded system, with just a quick glance, you can determine whether you need to turn down the temperature settings to save yourself some money on your energy bills. Ingeniously simple, Rointe’s integrated E-fficiency mode allows you to monitor your energy usage in real time without any additional hassle. Also featured in the third generation Kyros is the all new ‘user mode’ that allows you to customise the radiator’s temperature range. Ideal for business or communal use, user mode can restrict the maximum and minimum temperatures of the Kyros to avoid tampering or wasteful heating. An optional remote control is also available for the Kyros if you’d prefer to make any adjustments to your heating from the comfort of your chair.


Rointe Kyros radiators can be installed DIY with ease, so unless you want a hard-wired finish, you won’t need to pay any additional fitting costs. Fixtures and fittings come included with every unit and a handy template is also supplied to help you mark out where the screws will need to be drilled into the wall.

This version of the Rointe Kyros is available in a smart white finish and comes in 330w, 550w, 770w, 990w, 1210w, 1430w and 1600w outputs. Each unit of the Kyros comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the electronic components and a generous 20 Year Warranty on the heater body.

Please note: in the unlikely event that your Rointe products arrive damaged, any faults must be reported to us within 24 hours, otherwise an additional £12.50 charge will apply.