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Rointe Electric Radiators

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  1. Who are Rointe?

    1. Rointe are a leading brand in creating pioneering electric heating systems that seek to replace older and less efficient gas and water methods. With over 35 years of experience, the Rointe range of electric heaters are designed with a focus on efficiency and are manufactured with the mantra that they create products they would like to have in their own homes. Rointe create a variety of electric heating products such as radiators, towel rails, and conservatory heaters and all of them are engineered with efficiency and style in mind and come with intuitive programming options and their coveted Fuzzy Logic technology.

  2. What is Fuzzy Logic?

    1. Rointe’s Fuzzy Logic system enables their products to sustain a set temperature without losing energy in the restart process. With conventional heating, when a temperature is set, heaters switch on and off to maintain it. They switch off if they’ve reached the temperature, and then restart if they need to add a bit more heat. This process creates peaks and troughs of heat where the radiator is switching off and rapidly losing heat, and then switching on and rapidly gaining it again. This process, as well as creating an uneven distribution of heat, is ultimately inefficient and means that your radiator will have to work extra hard simply to sustain a set temperature.

      With Rointe’s Fuzzy Logic system, optimum temperatures are modulated to maintain a balanced and even distribution of heat. The radiator won’t switch itself off and on, but will continue on 38% nominal power to achieve balanced temperatures without having to heat at its maximum.

      This ensures that the heater doesn’t waste energy if it senses it needs to add a few more degrees of heat to reach its set target. Removing this inconsistency from the Rointe design improves the efficiency of the radiator and contributes to a smooth and balanced distribution of heat within your rooms.

  3. What size Rointe heater do I need?

    1. The size of electric radiator you will need depends on several variables within your household. The size of the room, the age of the property, the quality of the insulation, and the type of property you’re intending to heat.

      You can use our radiator wattage calculator to work out the total wattage required to heat your space effectively. You can then choose a combination of radiators which adds up to the total wattage needed, or a single radiator that achieves this figure on its own.

      If you have a high-ceilinged property, we recommend speaking with one of our expert sales advisors before purchasing. The team will be happy to provide a free quote based on the dimensions of your room and are on hand to offer any further assistance you might require.

Rointe Electric Radiators

Rointe heaters are designed to function in a variety of different environments and are built to satisfy any heating requirements that you may have. The company’s 30 years of knowledge and experience within the industry means that they design and manufacture products with best practice and efficiency in mind, using only the best materials. Rointe D Series and Kyros electric radiators make use of high-density thermal fluid and integrated venting to provide comfortable and evenly spread warmth throughout. Using advanced control features and sophisticated heating technology, Rointe lead the way for commercial and domestic heating solutions.