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  1. How heavy are portable patio heaters?

    1. Our Burda Smart Tower weighs 7.3kg and requires no other additional components to work as a free-standing unit. However, the weight of your portable patio heater will vary if you’re using one of our Burda patio heaters with a tripod. The tripod stand weighs 3kg on its own and you will need to factor in the additional weight of the heater itself. Our lightest Burda heater is 2.2kg, so a heater/tripod combination will weigh upwards of 5kg and will approach 8kg when used with our largest Burda product.

      It's always worth checking the weight of your heater before purchasing if you’re intending to move it about on a regular basis.

  2. Are portable outdoor heaters safe to use?

    1. All portable outdoor heaters are safe to use provided they are used responsibly in a way that suits their IP rating. For example, our Burda Smart Tower has a rating of IP20, which means that it offers no protection against water. This means that you can use it outside but it will either need to be used in a fully sheltered area or taken indoors again if it starts to rain.

      You should also take note of the level of protection offered by your portable heater when it comes to the ingress of solids. A heater with a rating of IP20 will be protected against objects over 12.5mm, such as an adult’s fingers, but it may not necessarily prevent a child’s fingers from reaching the internal components. Portable outdoor heaters should never be left unattended where children and pets are present as there’s also the chance that the heater could be knocked over.

      Portable electric heaters will still require plugging in so be aware of the potential trip hazard their cables can present, especially if you’re using an extension lead.

  3. Can I use my patio heater indoors?

    1. Portable patio heaters make fantastic indoor heating solutions and are especially useful for high heat loss areas such as conservatories, garages or home workshops. Free-standing patio heaters provide rapid, on-demand heat whenever you need it and can be easily picked up and moved elsewhere whenever you need your heating to move with you.

      Though they offer quick heating, it should be noted that most portable patio heaters, which use shortwave infrared radiation, are not designed for long term use and their heat may become a little overwhelming if used for protracted lengths of time. If you need a heat source for a draughty indoor space which you usually occupy for long periods of time, you should look for a no-glare or ceramic patio heater which uses far infrared radiation. Ceramic patio heaters are specifically designed for prolonged use, giving off a gentler heat which is more easily absorbed by the body. Unlike traditional quartz patio heaters, ceramic patio heaters give off no visible light, which is also preferable over long periods of time. Because they are most popular for permanent fitting, portable ceramic heaters are less common than wall mounted models.

Portable Outdoor Heaters

A portable outdoor heater can be the ideal solution for heating a variety of spaces where versatility is key. For domestic purposes such as heating gardens and patios, a portable infrared heater can be positioned according to your needs, giving comforting warmth long after the sun has gone down. The lightweight and compact design of freestanding outdoor heaters makes them perfect for a range of commercial functions, as they can be easily transported from room to room or even location to location depending on your needs. Infrared heating is exceptionally efficient as it directly heats people, objects and surfaces, converting almost 100% of energy into heat. A portable infrared heater is a smart choice if you’re looking for a flexible outdoor heater that can offer low running costs and help save money on energy bills in the long term.