Portable Electric Heaters

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  1. Where can portable electric heaters be used?

    1. Most portable electric heaters need to be plugged into a socket, so, for obvious reasons, they’re not suitable for use in areas such as bathrooms, wet rooms or anywhere they could be exposed to water.

      Plug-in outdoor heaters can be used in good weather but should be stored under cover and taken inside if it’s threatening rain.

  2. Are portable electric heaters efficient?

    1. We sell a variety of electric heaters, each of which uses a range of technologies suitable for different purposes - such as convection heaters that provide fast heating for spare bedrooms and studies.

      Efficiency is not always top priority in portable heaters – sometimes we just need a quick bust of heat at short notice – but some heaters are not any less efficient just because they’re portable. At Electric Radiators Direct, we don’t sell cheap heaters that fall apart after a few uses; we seek quality even in our supplementary heaters to ensure that our customers are getting the very best products available.

  3. Which heaters heat up the fastest?

    1. Quartz heaters are the fastest heaters to warm up because their heating elements are designed to run to very high temperatures. They provide heat almost instantly, making them perfect for on-demand heating in bathrooms and on patios.

      Ceramic heaters take up to 5 minutes to heat up because the ceramic elements are thicker and require more time to adequately diffuse the warmth produced. However, once they’re hot, they provide pleasant and gentle heat which is comfortable even for prolonged periods.

      Convection heaters are also fast, although it should be noted that they lose heat quickly in draughty or open-plan locations.

Portable Electric Heaters

Specifically designed for easy transportation and with no installation required, a portable electric heater is a hassle-free method of rapidly heating any indoor space - simply plug in and go. If you’re looking for a backup or top-up heater to support your existing heating system, a traditional panel heater has a lightweight body and can easily be moved from room to room – just purchase with compatible feet. Alternatively, if your aim is to lower your energy bills, infrared heating is incredibly energy efficient, as the radiated heat waves are directly absorbed by people, surfaces and objects. Add feet to plug in radiators or purchase a tripod stand for a low glare or no glare heater to create an adaptable heat source.