When to Use Electric Heaters and Which Option Best Suits You

When to use Electric HeatersAt Electric Radiators Direct you’ll find a wide range of electric heating products with something for everyone’s needs. We recommend electric radiators for your primary home heating, but we also offer a wide range of electric heaters for your secondary heating needs.


An electric heater has a number of advantages over an electric radiator and vice-versa, so it is important to remember that these two electric heating products, despite having the same purpose, should be used in a different manner.


Electric radiators are energy efficient room heaters specifically designed to heat your home economically throughout the coldest months. Electric heaters are cheaper but are not designed for regular daily use: they are less efficient than radiators and in rare cases can cause wall-blackening if used permanently.


The choice is always up to you, but we advise installing wall mounted electric heaters in rooms you use less frequently, for example a guest bedroom or a conservatory. This way you can save on the costs of putting a traditional or electric radiator in these rooms whilst ensuring you can still warm the room up quickly whenever you need to use it.


If you'd rather go for one of our free standing electric heaters, you can either leave it in rooms you don't spend time in as much, or keep it in your living room for some extra electric heating during the chilly days to come, and move it around when needed. 


Unfortunately, customers who decide to go for the cheapest option when purchasing a new home heating system – installing electric heaters throughout their home – will quickly find themselves surprised by the amount of electricity needed to keep the house warm every day. That is why we recommend that you use electric heaters as a secondary source of heat and electric radiators as your primary home heating system.


To summarize simply as possible – are our energy efficient electric heaters cheaper in the short term, for use in short bursts, and do they heat up quickly? Yes.


Will an electric heater make a good long-term alternative to an energy-efficient radiator? No


If you think a wall-mounted panel heater is for you, why not consider our top quality Haverland Lodel Econ electric panel heaters, which provide a low cost heating solution for any spare rooms, offices or itinerant work spaces. The programmable features such as the timers, remote controls and thermostats really make Lodel Econ one of “next generation” electric panel heaters.


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